Racial Attack!!!! (Gurkha?)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boris7, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Reported today in Colchester Gazette (31/Aug/2007

    A 19 yr old teenager beat an Asian man with an extendable stick baton...

    Only details is the he attacked a Mr Gurung!!!

    No link or other info......so far.....

    Not many Nepalese in Colchester except serving or retired!!!
  2. Well if Mr Gurung is a Gurkha whether serving or not i think the chav scum who attacked him better have a good hiding place cos the little fellas neither forgive nor foget these things!
  3. Correct, Gurung is a tribal name from Nepal. If this has happened without provocation (probably has) then I hope that 19 year old fool has bugged out of the county at the very least.
  4. <<<<Russell Haldane, mitigating, said McHale's girlfriend had told him she had had an abortion on the day he attacked Mr Gurung.>>>>

    WTF has this to do with anything. I get heartily sick of hearing lame brained solicitors coming up with "mitigating factors". Irrespective of the fact tha Mr Gurung may or may not have been a Ghurka this sort of behaviour should be stamped on. THere should only be one test in court and that's Do you know right from wrong?
  5. He must have snuck up on him then or the police would be arresting him hopital, or maybe Mr Gurung remembered he was in Britain and knew that if he tried to defend himself he would be arrested, charged with GBH and deported.

    I am confedent this vile little scrote will get one hundred hours community service and a slap on the wrist. Just hope they print his pic in the local paper.

    As for being out on bail, with a night time curfew, he attacked this man in broad daylight, what good is a nighttime curfew?
  6. Nice to see the paper pointing out where this young man will be until he appears in court again, he better hope that Messrs Gurung, Thapa and Prahad don't spot that.
  7. Scott McHale better hope and pray that Mr. Gurung isn't RGR.

    Here's hoping that he is and that he's sat with lots more angry Gurkha's sharpening his Kukri at this very moment.
  8. I too am fed up when weasel lawyers defence their clients with pathetic excuses like they have learning difficulties (i.e. he misbehaved and didn't listen during the lesson on not attacking people in the street for no reason) or other similar shiite.
  9. getting pissed and into a ruck vandalizing something some but not much mitigation :(
    sober possession of a weapon and attacking someone no chance

    on the bright side his girlfriend had an abortion so his genes have not been passed on yet
    anyone want to send him a card :twisted:
  10. Does Hallmark do a line of "Congratulations and thanks to your girlfriend for deciding to get your hellspawn scraped out, you spineless little sh!t" cards?
  11. maybe its an opening
    congrats your genes failed to make the grade :twisted:
  12. you're assuming that he can read.
  13. Sadly, if anything happened to him within the next few months, the Army would get more bad press.

    .... Just wait until Christmas and then point out his mistake with a big stick :twisted:

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