Race to the Pole

Anyone watching the current Race to the Pole programme on BBC2? Is it me or is it making us Brits look like a right bunch of ill prepared cowboys? However the Norwegians are showing us the professionalism that allowed Amundsen to beat Scott to the South Pole.

Yes I'm watching it too, or rather I was. I don't know that the Norwegians are being more professional than us, more that the beeb (who I believe were the film-makers?) feared accusations of being pro-British, which if course these days is a crime, and were heavy handed with the editing.
good critical comment in today's Torygraph. !. Not in the antarctic so nothing to do with original treks (dogs/ponies not allowed there anymore)! 2. Pre-prepared food stashes. 3. Back up and air support and medics if the sh*t hits fan. Parallel routes already , I assume, surveyed and sorted so they actually know where they are going with satnav etc. And, perhaps the most important point, the characters of the people actually doing it as against the people who actually DID do it. There was no mention of the peculiar weather conditions at the time which, seemed to have put Scott's team in their terminal sh*t.
I think the significantly differing weather conditions affecting Scott vs those faced by the Norwegians were touched on last night and may be expanded on later in the series.

Also mentioned was the different mind-set of the two expedition leaders which seems to be very well illustrated by the modern groups so far (by accident or design).

Really good viewing, poles apart (arf!) from Big Brother on Channel 4 at the same time!
To be fair, the pre-dumped food caches are, i think, to allow for the small teams, whereas originally they dropped people and stuff en route to an extent. The size of parties they have are those of those who made the original final legs, not who took part in the expeds.

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