Race to the Pole

Hi all!

Any of you who work in the City of London might have spotted an unusual sight last Thursday, when Lt Col Henry Worsley and a couple of his colleagues abseiled down the Lloyds building! Your eyes weren’t deceiving you (it wasn’t Spiderman) – it was a photo stunt to highlight Henry’s upcoming Race to the Pole.

Lt Col Henry Worsley MBE, a British Army officer, polar adventurer and author, will lead a modern-day recreation of Capt Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen’s 1911/12 race to the South Pole in November 2011.

The expedition, the most authentic ever recreation of Capt Scott and Amundsen’s race, aims to raise £500,000 for The Royal British Legion's important work in support of the Battle Back Centre and four Personnel Recovery Centres for injured Service personnel.

You can follow Henry on Twitter (http://twitter.com/Race_tothe_Pole); he’s keeping it updated in the run up to the expedition, and throughout the Race to the Pole.

More information can be found on the expedition website (The Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race 2011), and you can sponsor Henry on his Just Giving page (Henry Worsley is fundraising for The Royal British Legion).



I look forward to the pictures of expansive views of fúck all.
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