Race hate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by finnjim, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. Just been listening to the news on Sky.
    They say that since the 7 July bombings, race hate has risen 600%, what they didn't specify, is that White against Muslim? only. Or did thay count the recent Islamic bombings and attempted bombings in these figures?
    IMHO those were certainly race hate
    Point to ponder
  2. politics, shmolitics its all arrse designed to sell papers. people have been killing each other since Adam and Eve first got their rocks off.
  3. Technically, nothing can rise 600%..

    And I wouldn't count on those figures, nope! medman said it all.
  4. Isn't it something different to 'race hate' when you indiscriminately murder/maim whoever is unlucky to be on that train/bus? Think again!
  5. I believe tre correct quote was "six fold" not 600%

    Same thing though
  6. Yes it can - if it's 100 units and rises to 600 units, it's had a 600% increase.

    When discussing salaries, remember that if you've had a 75% pay cut, you then need a 400% pay rise to get back to where you started from
  7. On the 7th July there was a rather disproportionate rise in religiously-motivated hate attacks against people of all faiths and none, what with 52 dead and 700 injured.

  8. Wrong on both axamples. The common error (even teachers, poluticos) is whether they are interested in the multiplier or the increase. Similar misunderstandings occur with mark-up or profit margin.

    the first is an increase of 500% (ie difference)

    the second increase would need to be 300% to restore to previous salary.

    I should know, I took two Maths A levels and passed three.
  9. Pack it in. All this cr@p about math is making my Infantry head hurt.
  10. I agree, that makes four of us.

    As for the increase in race hate (ah yes, a return to topic in spite of myselves), few of us were surprised that 'muslim' pretenders used Iraq war as excuse for violence against UK populace. A backlash from 'british' pretenders was inevitable.
  11. What a lot of people seem to be unable to grasp is that this is war, baby. The clash between an outdated ideology and the 21st Century. By outdated ideology, I do not mean Islam as a whole, rather the perverted creed of Wahabism that is taking hold amongst some Muslims. It's going to go on for a lot longer and will spread throughout the west.
  12. The words of General Perisic* (I think it was him) come to mind.

    He was quoted as saying something like "If we don't stop them (the Muslims) at the Vrbas then in 10 years time you will be fighting them on the Thames".

    Seems like he was right.....

    *Bosnian Serb General I once met during IFOR tour.
  13. Did he also blather on about how the Serbs were out to avenge 1389 and were only out to restore mother fricken serbia to postion it had been before the 'Turks' had invaded?
  14. Steven, you appear to have fallen for one of the most grotesque "justifications" that the Serbs came out with for their actions in the Yugoslave civil war.
  15. That would be illiberal, un-pc, an incitement to racial something and discrimination....
    IR/politics types lurking around here will know of the 'Liberal Dilemma' - that it is impossible to defend Liberalism with wholly liberal means. The (percieved) problem at the moment is the hypocrisy inherent in Western Liberalism. If the pretence is dropped (that liberalism can be effectively protected by asking terrorists, criminals and thugs politely to stop their wee crusade) and people simply accepted that to protect their right to freedom of thought and speech, a terrorist (Islamic, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant - makes no difference how they hide) would have to suffer some discomfort, then so be it.

    And besides, a Trident popped 2k's above Mecca might be somewhat counterproductive, not to mention ethically dubious.
    Someone mentioned 'quiet deals made in expensive London clubs, and dissappearances at 3 am' - this IMHO, is the only way to deal with these criminals. Keep media attention well away ( to prevent these types becoming 'martyrs' ). Make sure the ops are deniable, and totally untraceable. One day, Muhammad Al-whatever is describing just how he runs a support net for young, gullible fundamentalists on BBC's Newsnight. Strangely enough, when the BBC calls to put him on the next debate a couple of weeks later, theres no sign of him. Bingo. Britain slowly becomes a safer place.