Race chief criticised for ghetto warning

Is he right or is he just making waves to make his job seem important?

i personally think that the formation of 'ghettos' are partially self-imposed by certain ethnic minorities. They have come to a foreign land and want to be close to and associate with others from the same background, thus leading to regions dominated by people of one race/creed. This is not a new thing. Look at numerous cities around the world with their jewish quarter, their italian quarter, the frencg quarter, it happens everywhere.

The head of the Commission for Racial Equality was accused yesterday of making "exaggerated" claims of a slide into racial division witnessed by the development of Muslim and black ghettos.

Trevor Phillips will use a speech this week to claim that the July terrorist attacks have exposed a racial "nightmare" where some districts were becoming "fully fledged ghettos - literal black holes" where people feared to go.

The race relations chief will propose controversial measures to encourage integration, including forcing "white" schools to take larger numbers of ethnic minority pupils to aid integration.

"The fact is we are a society which, almost without noticing it, is becoming more divided by race and religion," Mr Phillips will tell Manchester Council for Community Relations on Thursday.

Ordinary schools are becoming more exclusive, while universities are starting to become colour-coded.

"If you look closely at the campuses of some of our most distinguished universities you can pick out the invisible 'no blacks may enter' message," he will claim.

Mr Phillips will say: "We are sleepwalking our way to segregation. We are becoming strangers to each other and leaving communities to be marooned outside the mainstream."

But Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat president, told Sky News that in many areas communities were becoming more integrated, with more mixed race relationships and families. Mr Phillips should not be allowed to "exaggerate or alarm". In most of Britain, it was safer for most people in ordinary communities than it was 20 years ago. "It is not as bad as Trevor Phillips implies," Mr Hughes said.
Even if he's right - who cares?
If the various ethnic minorities want to live in thier own areas, let them. As long as they obey the law, where they live and what they do is none of my business. If they break the law, fcuking hammer them. And that applies to white people as well.
Disagree entirely Werewolf. I think Simon Hughes is on the button here. We talk about integrated societies then we should ensure that steps to make them integrated aren't ruined by allowing ghettos to develop. More easily said than done in a society where people are free to chose where they live (limited only by finance) and where people will naturally gravitate towards groups that share their understanding.

Ghettos just lead to greater intollerance by all sides and a lack of hope in the poorest ghettos leading to increased crime, etc, etc.
I think you're right, Agent_Smith. He's just pretending to be concerned to get a mention in the rag.
This ghettoeisation (spelling?) has been going on for decades and suddenly he gets twitchy about it.
Interestingly, nobody ever mentions the ghettoes in Mayfair, London or Dahlem, Berlin, where the people live who screw the state(s) for billions per year and effectively bar "ordinary" folks from living there.

It sounds like another wannabee politician making a pointless political point based on the tragedy in New Orleans. Ghettos have existed in this country for years, be it Jews, Irish, Asians, whatever. Comparing them to what existed at the turn of the twentith century they are immeasurably better than they were, comparing them to twenty years ago, probably worse. Yet another non-entity news-story from the CRE and the media.
A good point was raised on the breakfst news BBC that the so called ghetto's or large groups of ethnic minorities build up and then move on. They appear to be in a continous state of flux. The example given was Brixton that twenty years ago was seen as a Black stronghold but is now a fully integrate multi-national community. Britain does not have the same kind of racial discrimination embedded in it's recent history that other countries have. Therfore the so called minority groups have not been forced to band together through discrimination or enforced segregation.
I believe the comment that an ethnic group will flock together initially until they find their feet, so to speak, is the right one. There is nothing wrong with building an ethnic community within a larger community. After all China town is great place to visit so why not Little Bangkok or an Indian quarter?


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There is one Church in East London that has ben, IIRC, French Huguenot, Irish Catholic, Polish (Synagogue?) and is now a Mosque. In general, immigrants arrive, stick to gether for a while, and move on, after assimilating into general society.

Two exceptions to this: firstly, if they continuously get spouses from 'the old country', thus ensuring that they will always be directly linked there, and not really 'grow' into the society they are living in (a problem in Holland at the moment, I beleive) and of course, if they are those who stay in their communities, and refuse to join society at all (i.e. Pikeys).

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