Race-Based Murder Conviction, REPOST FIRST POST DELETED

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Nov 27, 2004.

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  1. For some reason this topic which I posted last night has been deleted, I would have thought that there shouldn't be a problem posting an article that shows how muslims are again being treated more favourably. So I've posted it again, unless of course we are no longer allowed to comment on muslims ?

  2. Deleted by me last night.

    Deleted because of comments you then made in "support" of your inital post

    There is no policy of enforcing "Non-discussion" about the Islamic community.
  3. When I last read that thread, it had a few replies and perhaps was heading towards a 'I hate all muslims' over-tone. I'm not saying that this was or wasn't your implication, but considering when the word 'muslim' is mentioned is this forum - the negative or racial tones that some other smaller-minded members can bring is probably something that the mods don't want ARRSE to be noted for - my own guess that is. Me personally - was not offend/disgusted/whatever by that or this thread.

    IMO, there are some ar$ehole muslims, there are some ar$ehole whites, blacks, sikhs, etc - I wouldn't necessarily base a negative experience with one or more for an overview on the whole race (although asylum seekers...... hmmm :evil: :roll: :) ) - and I think you had said this yourself before.

    In regards to your opening post on both threads, the parents of Kriss Donald must be spitting with fury against the heads of police in their area, and rightly so. I don't believe the reason Operation Gadher was stopped wasn't that its not pc - I think they're couldn't be bothered as there's less crime in this catergory - spending loads of money for setting up the op on the 'odd crime' - therefore why bother? (Not my opinion)
    However, I do believe that if it was to investigate a spate of attacks if it was the other round - the operation would be still going - as there are more assaults in an average period of time. I'm not too sure of official statistics myself - but its worth stating that probably for every single case like this - there's a handful of 'racial' crimes where the victim is not caucasian. I haven't seen any comment on here on the Feltham Inquiry for the unfortunate murder of Zahid Mubarek - which was definitely racial and another failure of those who made the wrong decision too. (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-1364869,00.htm). Maybe its not the right place for it.

    I think its sickening alone that these 'young' men had fcuk all to do - and to alleviate this boredom was to kidnap in this way and attack these poor boys. I hope they're punished in a way that reflects the agony that their victims went through. The police is there to investigate crime or anything that may lead up to crime whether its to do with a particular race, gender, whatever and this operation should not have been stopped based on the reason stated.
  4. Why not delete just my later posts then ?
  5. islam is a religion not a race .So its got to have an extra law to protect it
    why do we only ever hear from thin skined intolerant extremist islam when there are lot ofdecent human beings who are muslim?
  6. I think the guilty guy(s) may well meet an untimely demise in the showers at HMP Shotts as i believe there are a number of the (how shall i say it).....Skinheaded persuasion???? 8O

    HE will undoubtedly be a target for all the neonazis that are in the same prison, so i dont think prison life will be too rosey for him

    agetn smith

  7. Boredom? You don't kill because you're bored.
  8. You back then Lardarrse. Where was you? Loads of Part 2's to type?
  9. Yerr that's what I said too....
  10. It has occured to me to delete ALL your later posts.

    However, I'm putting that to one side thanks to your PM.

  11. Hi all,

    First post here, altho I've been lurking for a while. With ref to the Kriss Donald murder, as I understand it the Asian guys weren't just hanging around with nothing to do and the attack was not random. I work with a Moslem girl whose sister was in the same class, and according to her it was an honour thing. Apparently Kriss had been hob nobbing with an Asian girl and the local gangsters didn't like it when he refused to be warned off. The local cops tried to write it off as a gang related incident and bent over backwards to avoid any mention of Asian involvement until the BNP started making a fuss and let the cat out of the bag.

    On the other hand, my workmate was spitting blood about the murder, as were all her mates I ran across. I believe the information that led to the cops arresting the guy who has just been sent down and tracing the others to Pakistan came voluntarily from the local community.

    There was also an interesting tid bit about the ones in hiding Pakistan in the local press, which may or may not have been reported further afield. Apparently Strathclyde constabulary approached their oppsite numbers in Pakistan with names and addresses. The Pakistani cops said sure, no problem, we'll get them for you, but here is a list of folk wanted here for terrorist offences we know are living in the UK. We can do a swop.

    However, Strathclyde's finest could not go along with this because of the human rights legislation we are signed up for, which forbids extraditing folk to states which have the death penalty, They were a bit miffed apparently when the Pakistanis shrugged and said, well in that case, sorry... And that was the end of that.
  12. Hi, Thanks for that info.
  13. we can extradite to a country which has the death penalty if they give us an undertaking it would not be carried out BUT we do not have an extradition treaty with Pakistan. This is nothing to do with human rights legislation - it would be illegal to send anyone there.
  14. Armourer, no drama, you're welcome.

    Poppy, cheers for setting me straight about the extradition bit.. That will teach me to swallow what the Scots press puts about! :)

  15. Anytime old bean 8)