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Discussion in 'RAC' started by pvtmccheyne, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. hi there,
    Im going into AFC harrogate January intake for 42 weeks basic training, i want to joint the RAC, just need help on deciding which regiment because i want to do a few years experience gunner/driver and i want to move on to sniper and hopefully (much later on) Pathfinder platoon 16 air assault.But i really want to start in Royal Armoured corps, not too sure about FR either. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey mate, first off if you are wanting to become a Sniper and 16 Air Assault later in your career then your best bet would be to go in a FR regiment as a driver. But when you say you want experience as a Driver and Gunner, do you mean MBT or again in a FR?

    Also just in case you did'nt know you go in as a driver then work up to becoming a gunner later. (As far as i'm aware anyway)

  3. Driver in MBT mate
  4. Ok good stuff, its all up to you in the end which regiment you choose mate. They are all very good at there jobs :). Only problem I can see if you go in as a MBT driver then when you do decide to follow up on your Sniper plan you will have to transfer to a FR platoon or regiment.

    I am not sure if any of the RAC regiments provides direct support to 16 Air Assault but I do know they have Para and Commando trained soldiers in the FR platoons.
  5. Thanks a lot mate :D any ideas which MBT regiment is best? I mean i live in south east england so whats the nearest one?
  6. I can't say which is best mate for two reasons... I am not sure and the best one is the one you pick :D .

    I'm sure thats just confused you more so let me sort that out hahaha.

    You are going to have to go and check each regiments web page out and see which you like best, as said before each regiment are very good at there jobs so its down to what you feel would be best for you.

    If you are set on going MBT to start with then check out the following regiments: (not in favorite order 8) )

    1 RTR
    2RTR (Probabily your local (ish) regiment)
    The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
    The Royal Dragoon Guards
    The Queen's Royal Hussars
    The Kings Royal Hussars

    All the above regiment have MBT and FR areas so have a look into them and then make your own decision which you want. They all have recruiting areas but they are only guides not rules.

    If you decide to go FR straight off then these regiments only specialise in Forward Recon:

    1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards
    9th/12th Royal Lancers
    The Light Dragoons
    The Queen's Royal Lancers

  7. Cheers mate, a big thank-you heaps of help!:D I was told that 1RTR do a lot of ceremonial and demonstrational manouveres so i think il look into 2rtr in more depth lol

  8. No worries mate.

  9. If FR does float your boat, QRL, QDG, 9/12L, LD and HCR are your options or you can always aim for Recce role in MBT Regts.

    In term of PF Pl and interaction with 16 Air Assault Bde, HCR is your best option as they have a Squadron attached to the Bde and have had a few guys in PF Pl. Of course, with HCR you have to run the Mounted Duties gauntlet.

    Horses for courses...!
  10. Cheers hairymonster but i dont really like ide a of horses, and i really want to go in a MBT regiment for a while then maybe look at FR in a few years, then sniper then pathfindetrs :D im thinking 2RTR, i also understand that i can be a sniper withing a regiment of RAC? cheers
  11. You can join an MBT regiment, work on tanks for a few years and if you show interest you can move to recce within the same regiment, it was easy enough in my regiment. Can't give you much advice about going on to sniper/16AA from there though.
  12. ok cheers fork, im sure il be able to work it out, still got a long way to go yet as ive got 42 weeks phase 1 in harrogate lol

    Cheers mate
  13. 1RTR might be a good bet for you - you'll start as either a gunner or driver at A Sqn where you'll get arguably the most "tank time" of any RAC regiment. You'll more than likely get a tour of Afghan in your first couple of years too.

    Then you'll probably spend some time at the CBRN side of the regiment where you'll have no problem getting on either All Arms Commando or P Company and the jumps course.

    Don't know of any snipers in the regiment though, although there's a chance you'll get to do the course before an op tour I suppose.
  14. No point in him going the CBRN route if he want to become a sniper etc as they deal in global threats etc and as far as i'm aware there are no snipers in that regiment.
  15. hey, im have just put down the RAC as my 2nd choice, as this is tanks, could i speacialise as a machine gunner or a sniper ? or is it all just tank work ? sorry for the stupid questions, i dont know alot about the RAC other than i would want to go to the royal scots dragoon gurads etc, but i do know alot about my infantry regiment which is the Royal regiment of scotland. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks. Ryan...