Rac Vs Infantry

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Righty, long story short: I've wanted to join the forces since I was little, was doing my A/S levels thinking I would just cruise through life and not actually get the chance to go for it, I failed ma A/S levels and the chance to join slaps me in the face.

I'm handing in my application in a few days and I'm not to sure what to put as my first and second options, well I know what to put but I don't know which I would prefer to do. It's out of the RAC MBT crewman (possibly The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, The Royal Dragoon Guards or 2nd Royal Tank Regiment) or the infantry (possibly The Rifles, The Guards Division or The Parachute Regiment). I just want some advice and your personal opinions, I know at the end of the day its my choice. I'd just like to know what all you god like members of ARRSE would go for and why?

Oh and for option 3 I'll probably slap in combat engineer.

Thanks in advance

Why not , although wanting opinions of those from this site, lay out the same question to your recruiter?

I would ask yourself, Hands on? or hands off?

That is just my opinion...

Hope all goes well.
Aye I will, I'll probably go with The RAC anyway but if I don't like it for whatever reason is it possible to get transferred, if yes how does the process work?
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