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Discussion in 'RAC' started by ConCTKD, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Right, i've posted the same question on the aviation section however i've yet to get a reply so i'm going to post it in here too to see if any of you guys have been through the same process. This may get flagged up as being in the wrong section and people may give me stick about being impatient, but I may aswell give it a shot.

    Currrently going through the process of joining, hopefully the Queens Royal Lancers or another formation recce regiment. However my purpose is to gain some experience and then transfer over as a pilot. I know you can join from any regiment after reccomendation for cpl. Was just curious is anyone on here has done something similar? What regiment did you come from? Did what you learn in your regiment help being a pilot? How did the transfer go, was your regiment helpful? Any comments on something similar would be appreciated.

    Cheers guys
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    A quite a few guys from RTR went over to pilot AAC back in the 90's and made a good career out of it and some post pn ARRSE at times. Not sure on your chances now though.
  3. A guy from my regiment started pilot training in January, and obviously Capt Wales (also from my regiment) has succesfully qualified as an Apache pilot, so its not totally unheard of.

    Obviously I'd reccomend you come the Household Cavalry, as we're rather nice, but if you do be prepared to go to Knighstbridge for a year or two.
  4. I know its not unheard of, was just wondering whether regiments would support you through the transfer and if its easy to do so. You see, HCav is another choice of mine, however Knightbridge for a year or so puts me off, horses and all that. Especially as in a reply to a thread I put on here people said that its pretty much compulsary, even though my recruiter said different. Have you been in for long? If not did you have to go to Knightsbridge for the ceremonial side? Cheers
  5. I know a bloke, he was an officer in the Blues and Royals. He did a tour then went for Pilot training. Apparently there are a few pilots that were Green Jackets still about.
  6. 'Sooty' had a Green Jacket's hand up his arse when he threw a Gazelle into the ground on Granby.

    Sorry; ex-Green Jacket. And, following the BoI, ex-pilot.
  7. I certainly did do Knightsbridge OP, and unless you're medically unfit for riding, expect Knightsbridge to be compulsory. Its worth doing really, it is hard graft and ******* ballache, but looking back I am glad I did that. I got posted to HCR over a year ago and haven't looked back since.
  8. Although it's been said before ( once or twice) you do not transfer (immediately) you attend the All Arms Pilots course (there's a clue ^~ ) then after a tour you either transfer or return to your Regt ( dependent on stuff)
  9. Minor correction for you there.
  10. There are certain courses that lead to transfers which regiments don't get stroppy about, SAS, RAPTC, and pilot training being the 3 main examples. So it's doubtful that barriers would be put in your way. If you want to gain experience before going down the pilot route I would have thought the obvious choice would be AAC ground crew, So why join the RAC in the first place?
  11. Why thank you :) but I sort of thought I covered that bit in the "dependent on stuff" bit ^~
  12. Not quite.NCOs transfer on completion of the course (Cpls promote to ASgt at 'Wings'). I'm given to believe that officers are offered a transfer on completion of the first tour.As far as joining the RAC prior to the Army Pilot Course goes, why not? I'm not sure I'd publicise it widely, it might result in a lack of the promotion needed to fulfill the prerequisite for the course. But applicants come from across the Army (although there hasn't been a female NCO for many years) and the canny would choose a Regiment/Corps which would give the quickest promotion.Good luck to the OP with his career choice.
  13. Aghart, I can't remember who it was, either my officer recruiter a few years back or the CO of the Blue Eagles (met them at an air show) mentioned that AAC ground crew are so thin on numbers and their roles are quite specialized that they don't like allowing them to go on to on the pilots course. Also I'd like combat experience and I don't think ground crew go anywhere near the front line, correct me if I'm wrong of course :) cheers for all your comments guys.
  14. Historical perspective, I know, but the Corps has quite happily assimilated cabbage-handlers, dog-handlers, medics, cav, chav-cav, Monkeys, BATS and Paras, on the basis that they all had something to bring to the party and were found to have the ability to pass the course. Again, historically-speaking, AAC groundcrew have generally found it difficult to get into a seat, possibly because of their skills and the demands placed on them; more likely they'd frighten the punters.

    If I was in the process of joining another unit with the intention of leaving them once they'd trained me up and given me a couple of years of their valuable time, I'd keep very quiet about it. Go about your trade, gain skills and knowledge that might make you attractive to the Corps. When you do put your application in, keep a track on its progress. As others have said, it is all too easy for your admin chain to 'lose' it.

    WRT to flying ability; the selection process will find out if you've got it.

    Best of luck.
  15. Thanks for all the comments, they've all helped me :) And thanks for wishing me luck, it means alot