RAC (sniper)?????

i have been looking at the army life brochure for the RAC and i am particuly intrested in recce
i am hoping to join the army in 1 and abit years when i will be old enough but i have noticed that there is a job listed as a sniper within the recce job.

so can anyone please tell me anything else about this job? and whether it is just a specialty EG: gunner or driver. In a scimatar or chally

any help would be nice on this matter
and if anyone has done the job or is currently could they please tell me anything else about it or how to get into this kind of job in the RAC

many thanks lofty :)
Hello chap,

There are 2 kinds of regiment in the RAC. Formation Recce and MBT. Some (maybe all) MBT regiments have a squadron in the recce role where you can partake in various sniper activities etc, but if and when you get the chance to be part of a recce squadron is not really down to you and you will get to regiment as a trained Challenger 2 gunner or driver.

You could of course join a FR regiment, where you will arrive at the regiment as a driver, it may take you a while but I am sure you can get the chance to do such courses that you desire.
K mate well if you are thinking of joining specifically to be a sniper, I'll tell you that your best bet in the RAC is to join a FR regiment ie QRL. Currently I know of no snipers in MBT regiments who are deployed in that role. The places on Sniper cadres are currently taken up by Inf and RAC regiments, yes the RAF regiment come below us, however sick it must make them feel. It is not a role which you will walk into at your regiment, you must do your time as a driver/gunner in a sabre troop, keep mentioning to your troop leader on your interest on the course, but due to how popular it is, senior bods in your Squadron will always get priority. Use the time you're waitin to hone your map reading/SAA etc. Trust me it will make a difference, and start collecting your kit, poles, periscope, even pens and fablon. Start buildin your guille suit as well. If you're keen for snipin early on you're Sqn Support troop SNCO should be more willin to give you a shot at the course. If there are no places on the course within the first year or so I recommend you do the other courses which could lead to it, Support Troopers, SCS, Javelin. If you get into your SQN support troop you by these course you're more likely to have a shot on the course. Bear in mind mate these places are still quite scarce within the RAC. If you are lucky enough to get the chance, don't waste it, do your best, dont stick with the chippy Inf crowd, the marksmanship is certainly the easy part of the deal, focus on the basic week 1 soldiering ie cam concealment and map reading, also be good on your AFC/aircraft recognition and general mil knowledge. This is why the role has always been aimed at experienced soldiers and has never been meant for new recruits. So do your time and earn your place on the cadre, and you will have more chance of passing it and gettin badged,best of luck.
Apoligise for the grammer/spellin errors above, this is due to my drunken demenour before deployment tomorrow. I also meant to add, that however long you are awaitin a load onto this course (if you even become good enough in your regiments master snipers eyes to be on it) then whatever time you spend as a Recce soldier wether a driver/gunner or dismount, will only add to your chances of a pass mate. So much more so than you're random good Infantryman, Recce is always thinking 3 steps ahead. you could do much worse than be a Recce soldier in the RAC you're whole career, even if you take away Sniper/FAC/Javelin or the rest of the niche bits. Good luck buddy (P.S ignore all the regimental banter bollocks on ere I had it when I came ere lookin for advice, its mostly old an bold who avent been in the troops for years, you just join whatever regiment you feel comfortable joinin) We're all on the same side!!!! (jus dont go 9/12th)


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bloodgroup_o+ said:
(P.S ignore all the regimental banter balls on ere I had it when I came ere lookin for advice, its mostly old an bold who avent been in the troops for years, you just join whatever regiment you feel comfortable joinin) We're all on the same side!!!! (jus dont go 9/12th)
"The best regiment to join is the one you served in" (... when you look back after having done the time that gives you the right to form an opinion.)

At least 9/12L are RAC, which puts them streets ahead of most of the army
It also helps if you are a good shot and get into the regimental rifle team, I had my own rifles, Parker Hale , Anshutz, and shot at the local clubs where ever we went. Make a name for yourself as a shooting nut and get noticed
BenghaziBandit said:
If you get well in with the 'Ruperts' they may allow you go out shooting with them!
Good advice. In the regimental mag last year there was an article about an officer taking a group of soldiers stalking at his estate in Scotland.

Edited to add that the best advice on here is from Bloodgroup O+, spot on.

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