RAC skills in Civvy Jobs?

Bit of a joke one this,forget ´Man-Management`etc.


QDG,rented a Ski hut in Oberammergau,up till ´80,when I left.The world famous Passion Play was about to start,so I hitch-hiked back to O´gau,to look for work,and a decent beer!

Got a job at the Wienerwald restaurant,scene of many great piss-ups in the`skiing`days,washing dishes.They even gave me a maschine to play with;Being a Gunner Mech,a drill was soon underway;After a while the other workers would stop and stare at the speed,even well pissed,at the operation,I honestly can´t remember breaking a plate in the 2 months I slaved away.

Can´t remember working totally sober either,washing dishes is not to be done ´Dry`,much too boring!

Anybody else,had jobs they Squaddie-ised? :p

PS,after returning,to the UK,Maggie had kicked everybody out of work;After near hunger wages,I returned to O´gau,where I was received with open arms in my old workplace;I earned 3 times more,there, than in a factory in England!
Used to do the beers and wines in safeway full time when not at uni, once got employee of the month for having every can and bottle in my aisle facing the front and three deep on the shelf. Also on my day off there was a guy who covered for me who was a bit of a mong, therefore devised an actions on list and laminated it for him to carry around.Im such a sad barsteward.
If you read my other comments they´re normally at this time 05.45 AM,I work mostly nights,so at 13.47,I´ve just finished my breakfast,and no it´s not a liquid one.

Normally I´d be kipping now,but I´m on a virus hunt,bl**dy PC is driving me crazy!

Midnight......my computers caught a cold,sniff sniff.....
Bulldozer Driver!!!!! Track Ticket gets you there!!!!

Not if you´re standing behind an ex-RE plant operator,it won´t,as you well know a Track Ticket doesn´t even entitle you to drive a Mini;I know,I had about 3 cars in Hohne and drove home to the UK about 4 or 5 times.When stopped by the Plod I´d tell them that the H on the license was for the Military,they swallowed it every time.

If you see Chiefy Gates,ask him about the day he offered me the job as OC´s driver,I´m sure he´ll remember!

On a serious note,I reckon that that ex-instructors would make good teachers,there´s a lot of adult education going on,don´t rely on `pure`military skills to find a job;Unless you´re off to Iraq for a Sabbatical.

Midnight.............I gave up working 3 years ago,I drive a Taxi!!!! :twisted:

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