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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arthur3bums, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. For a variety of reasons the QRL TShirt has been withdrawn. I am instead doing a series of Individual Unit shirts. This first one will be on my website tonight and is aimed at the 17th/21st Lancers. It is to be embroidered on Polo and Rugby shirts. A printed T Shirt may follow in the summer. I've tried to reflect the Regimental sentiment that no doubt exists among the membership in the same way as we 3rd Tankies (the text can be changed dependant on feedback. It shows the motto and a Chieftain Mk 12 in silver and white with the text in silver. The dates of service will also be entered 1922-1992. Please remember this is a graphic set up for embroidery so will actually look better embroidered than drawn!! 16/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers and The QRL shirts to follow. Feedback appreciated.

    I hope to maintain this thread for upcoming T Shirt designs the first one is there the 17/21stL which, has had over 300 views but no orders yet!!
  2. Like that malc, look forward to when you get to some of the "higher" class cav regiments set up ready to go

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  3. Shite hot Malc I want one
  4. Excellent.
  5. ill have one or two
  6. no dates and add "we do bad things to bad people" remove the gone but not dead its naff, and only one of the regts were light bde anyway. cheers
  7. Cheers Revmodes
    I've done quite a few things for QOH this year mainly commissions. I've decided that shirts are probably better as 'individual' units as not a lot of pre amalgamation guys are still serving so.............how many units were there pre amalgamation???19 was it?? That's a lot of designs and yes, there will be one per Regiment but, embroidered first off and T Shirts maybe just before summer!!!

    I will remove the dates 'Dead but not gone'!! And I'll bang in 'We do bad things to bad people' unless there's a huge public outcry against. Could have been worse........I toyed with....'The living Dead' LMAO!!!!!!!
  8. Actually, I've decided that, certainly in the first instance, I've removed the text at the bottom as possibly it says enough for such a Regiment - less is, afterall, sometimes more!!! I've amended the malcyart shop page accordingly for both the Polo and Rugby shirt design.
    IF someone thinks there should be some 'well known' 17th/21stL 'catchphrase' which everyone would like then please let me know.
  9. Here we go, I really like this design I've come up with as one of the Best pieces of art I have on the wall (yes I know I'm a Tankie) is Lady Butler's magnificent 'Scotland Forever'. It inspired me to put a spin on the RSDG capbadge with the Napoleonic Eagle/Wreath clutching Waterloo in its talons as a 'Scot's Grey' vaults the RSDG name sabre in hand!! The Silver and Gold embroidered design being superimposed on the white Cross of St Andrew and the title 'Scotland Forever' topping the design off. Now, this shirt is not yet up for grabs on my website but, as with 3RTR and the 17th/21stL, I intend to offer this on a Navy Polo and Navy Rugby shirt but with a light grey collar (it's the beret you know, it inspired me). But, before I offer this up I seriously need feedback on whether people would buy this design?? I am also reserving the right to put a printed Challenger 2 and 'Scotlands Cavalry Regiment' on the back shoulders of this one if people want it but, the left breast design will stay as is.........unless I suppose people wanted a CR2 instead of the horse?? Anyway, assuming RSDG membership do get on here.....the ball is in your court......tell me if you'd want one?? Once more, this graphic will actually look better when embroidered on the shirts.
  10. Malc, point of order, our Grey friends prefer being called Scots DG, as opposed to RSDG.
  11. Tara mate
    I take it that's in General as opposed to on the shirt, I can just hear the political screaming if I were to take Royal out!!
    If any of them wish to give me a verdict on what to put on the back of the shirt 'Scots DG' or 'Scots Dragoon Guards' would be considered????
  12. any 13th/18th Royal Hussars Queen Mary's Own planned?

    emphasis on thq QMO?
  13. Any chance of seeing the comissions for the QOH, as I know a few that are still serving (Including me!Just)
  14. BP and Spud.

    QOH commissions sadly can't be shown as they were simply toooo big for my scanner hence no shows on my website but a few memories of Soltau, The 'White horse of Hannover' and Chieftain were apparent!!
    I served between 1975 and 1990 and knew quite a few between your two units, I will not say which unit but here are a few names see if any are familiar

    'Sincy' Sinclair (sadly RIP I heard), Pete Battle, 'Thirsty' Thurston, Kev England (kept bumping into him long after I got out!!), Dave Lawrence, 'Fred' Simmons, 'Pez' Perry, Steve Plumridge, 'Fred' Bath and a few others anyway ................. to return to subject. When I was in, there were 19 RAC Regiments and, I intend to do something for each individual unit aswell as the 10 modern descendants. Existing TShirt designs will be phased out for individuals with embroidered equivalents being designed.
    Now, BP's QMO is a classic case in point.....the RTR is relatively simple but, the Cavalry Regiments seem to have had their own 'political agendas' between each other. This now is my plea:
    1. If you are a member of either older or current unit families and you want a design doing for that group (it could be an association or indeed a unit going to Ghan) I don't charge a design fee or setup charge, you simply get a design you love at a price per shirt you can afford possibly with a bulk order discount.
    2. If you are a member of a group and think you could help me by introducing me to a group/association please get in touch.
    3. This is not designed to make me a 'fat cat', I am admittedly fat but no cat, Regular donations are made to the Royal British Legion and The Army Benevolent fund. H4H has also received donations from me and will continue to do so but, my priority is the long term care of our guys, gals and their dependants with H4H coming a close third.

    Anyway, as I said, there will be a design per unit old and new, it just takes time.
  15. Arfur, TARA is correct they (the Fiji DG) do prefer Scots DG! :D