RAC Regiments 70s/80s

Discussion in 'RAC' started by jackhackett, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. I remember seeing a wallchart of RAC Regiments by cap badge/motto prior to the last round of amalgamations does anybody have a link?
  2. I've got a small chart with all the Regiments of the HC and RAC that I got when I was an instructor at JLR in the mid 80's. If I can find it I'll scan and PM it to you.
  3. When exactly in the 80s were you there then?
  4. June '84-June '87 A Sqn. Worked with John R 4RTR, Rog B & Jon P RMP, to name a few.
    Dickie Ill.... 4/7DG and McSw.... Scots DG were the Sqn Ldrs at various times.
    Big guy 3RTR was SSM and arrived the same time as me.
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  10. RAC Regiments 1985, it's a bit faded, been in my loft for 20+years!

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  11. And heres the wallchart of HCAV and RAC units in 2012........
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  13. I had this link send to me some time ago. I recall it was very informative. However the site appears to be out of action at present:

    http://www.regiments.org/deploy/uk/reg-cav/rtr3.htm or www.regiments.org

    (The above page relates to 3RTR, but you can click on which info you want.)
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