RAC Regimental Networking help needed please

Hi guys as you know I am an ex Tankie
A bit of a wierd question perhaps but. As you know I do this 'Artwork' thing with my Malcyart business.
This year(as last) I was invited and attended 2RTR's family/medals parade day in Tidworth setting up my little roadshow for trading. As it happened, a nice chap from the KRH saw my stall and was interested in my attending their day later this year as obviously my artwork is pretty 'niche' and suitably personal designs to the KRH may go down well.
It's set me thinking and, I realised that, although I supply a couple Regimental PRIs with my own totally unique to them designs on mugs etc (not just your bog standard cap badge type stuff). I could do this for all Regimental shops or associations and even appear at their shows or events as they happen. But, I am not in touch with any contacts at Regimental level so, if anyone who thinks their unit may be interested could get permission of the contacts and could private message or email me (not openly put on the thread) any contact details of RSMs/PRIs or whatever, I would treat them with due respect but approach the Regiments to see if I could be of service.

As I say, I will show due respect and would be grateful for any help.
Cheers lads


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I've put your request on our Facebook group. HHQ have an admin within the group so it ought to get you a heads-up.


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You mean QRL obviously....................................
No. If he'd meant QRL, he'd have said QRL. Evidently he is ex-17/21L as I am ex-15/19H and I posted mine on the 15/19H Facebook group, not the LD Facebook group (admittedly the admin I referred to is ex-LD, but the group isn't).

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