RAC Regimental cap colours ?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by AltairDraco, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. How many pre-amalgmations regimental cap colours can you name,please give colours,patterns and the regiments the caps belong to.The RTR's are most welcome to try this,even tho the RTR's never wore a cap only a black beret.this is for research.thanx jim
  2. Most of course were plain 'scarlet'. those that spring to mind that weren't

    QDG - Blue
    ScotsDG - Blue with yellow zig-zag
    4/7DG - Blue
    16/5L - Scarlet with black pipping
    13/18H - Blue with a white top
    17'21L Blue with white band and pipping

    Oh how could I forget RH - crimson (as opposed to cowpat brown for their berets.... :roll: )
  3. My bold. Slight correction above. :wink:
  4. Black with white band and piping

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  5. Tut Tut.... pick up your Army List and check out the abbriviations page and take 5 extras for being WRONG:- http://www2.army.mod.uk/rac/main_battle_tanks/royal_scots_dragoon_guards.htm 8)
  6. Airfix you have spoilt my perfectly well baited Wah for the ScotsDG component! :roll:

    Not that aghart ever takes any notice. :wink:

    Edited to include his rant from another RAC thread. :wink:

  8. Only one thing they hate more than RSDG is...... Scots Grots (pre '71, but still a good abbreviation, but not as good as 16th Syph' though :twisted: )
  9. Plain old SDG doesn't go down well either. :wink:
  10. My bold correction there.

    (Come on, it seems we have a reputation to keep up- Promise that is as pernickity as I'll get! :wink: )
  11. I was trying to avoid the 'vandyke' bit in case people started calling those that wore it Dick (Vandyke) Heads.... :roll:
  12. The RSDG was made up from Rsg and the 3RD Carbineers in 71.

    15th/19th KRH red cap
    Household Cav. black with red piping and band on cap,Gold braid on peak
    Royal Hussars Maroon cap
  13. 5th Skins - Green with biege band and piping
    14/20 KRH - Red (slighty deeper shade than 15/19 and QOH)
    QRIH - Red

    Okay thats start on the lanyards! :D
  14. A curious oversight of Britains finest ,11 Hussars,CHERRY coloured caps.
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    You telling me the Scots Grots are all dicks?