RAC question circa 1989

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Peeler, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. I'm doing some research in regards to the RAC during the 1980's. Some sources say that all Chally 1 regiments reduced to Type 43 Regt.'s while others state only four did. Can anyone post which regiments were Type 57 as opposed to Type 43 around 1988-1990. Any and all help would be much appreciated
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    ISTR 3RTR still being Type 57 but I'm sure soprano54, VTT or others will correct me if it's wrong.
  3. 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars where a Type 57 regiment at that time, we where on Mk10 & 11 Chieftain though not Chally 1, whilst being based in Detmold - Germany.

    I believe that at the time the 14th/20th Kick'n Chickens (housed across town but still in Detmold) where also a Type 57 Chieftain regt. They did however re-role to a Type 43 Chally 1 unit on depolyment to the Gulf for the 1st trip out to the big beach.
  4. Hoochie

    83-92 it was the 4th/7th who were across town from you and we were Type 57 Chieftain until we left there on amalgamation to go to Paderborn.
  5. If I remember correctly, the idea was to use TA to crew a squadron's worth of tanks (one tank in each Tp per Sqn + 2) Not sure if it ever happened.
    Scots DG was Type 57
  6. I was with the QRIH in Fally at the time, if my memory serves me right we had the MBT but not enough crews. Hence we got a Troops worth of 17/21 per Sqn for the trip to the sun.

    Any QRIH lads back up or refute my clouded memory?

  7. Scots DG did the same, but as far as I remember that wasn't anything to do with Type 43/57 manning.
  8. RH were in Tidworth so don't count but were type 57 prior to that in Fally.

    You might like to congratulate me on having the first Chally 1. Chosen at random er because I was so brilliant.
  9. X_B_C

    Nothing like modesty mate !!

    Cheers Nobby
  10. I know at my age I tend to forget things but 14/20th in Detmold when we where there, I think not, try 4/7th.

  11. Yep 4/7th DG's I stand corrected - memory synapeses being effect by excess Guinness again!
  12. Yes, 3RTR were Type 57 as late as 92, QRIH and 14/20H and 17/21L in Muenster in the late 80's were both Type 43 as part of 4 Armd Bde, can't remember the rest but think it was to do with which Div regts were in.