RAC Phase 2 length

22 weeks, below is an extract from the Bournemouth, Poole & District branch, Royal Tank Regiment Association

The Chairman then closed the meeting and introduced the guest speaker, Capt M*** B**** RTR, Adjutant of the RAC Training Regiment at Bovington. M explained that the role of the unit is to train phase 2 recruits, phase 3 soldiers, crew commanders and Troop Leaders. We had learned from Captain L & Cpl S last year the programme for recruits and this month we learned of the changes since last year. The 22 week phase II Syllabus remains largely the same, Signals, D&M (including getting your car licence) still dominate but the aim is to provide relevent and robust field training which is constantly updated to ensure the recruits arrive at their regiments facing a smaller learning curve as possible. M was shocked and amused to discover that in the dark ages (1960's 70's 80's) soldiers could learn to drive a main battle tank before learning to drive a car. So what's new? The main difference is that a ground mounted GPMG segment has been added which includes a range period, this means that (with Afghanistan in mind) all recruits arrive at their regiments competent in this weapon system in the infantry role. Urban clearing, casualty drills, section attacks and night operating are given a fair amount of time. New officers now go straight to Bovington from Sandhurst, rather than spending time at regimental duty before going on their "young officers" course as was the case in the old days.

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