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Discussion in 'RAC' started by flyinghussar, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Not really important just a niggle after a conversation with someone the other day. I was stationed at Bhurtpore Bks Tidworth early 70s RH pwo and the block next door was the RAC para sqn with quite a few of our rgt as their number. Firstly I remember they were equiped with Fox but I cannot remember if they wore the RAC mailed fist as their cap badge or that of their parent unit. Their berrets were of course as per Para rgt. As said no bid deal except the chap I was talking to says there was/is no such unit... Happen there is still such a unit perhaps some kid gent will enlighten myself. Happy easter you all :)
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  2. RAC Para Squadron disbanded in the mid-seventies. Head gear was maroon airborne beret with RAC 'clenched fist' badge.
  3. Im not RAC but don't the HCav provide a Sqn to support 16AA?
  4. HCR in 16AAB
  5. Do a search for RAC Para Sqn - this has been done a few years ago...
  6. 1975. The Sqn was at Old Sarum when they were disbanded; they raised the Sqn flag at the summit of Pen-y-Fan in their last week.
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  7. Mate I don't think they were ever equiped with Fox - Ferret Mk4s & 5s maybe and in the early days the Hornet Malkara!
  8. Thanks for that chaps 1975 just a few months after I left. As for the Fox bit fair enough I know they had Ferrets but there was a least a couple of Fox because they were parked next to our building. Methinks this was as Fox was just apearing early 70s so they were possably trialing them. Thanks for the input though. :D
  9. There was an article on them in Soldier recently and they definately had the RAC capbadge. It's a shame the HCav stole that job.
  10. I had wanted to join the Paras, but at Harrogate was enticed into the RAC, with besides a film of a tank going through a house, i was told i could do RAC Para, which went pear shape as it was disbanded before i finished training.

    Seeing i have trouble climbing a ladder now, probably a good thing :)
  11. My brother was REME attached at Tidworth with aforementioned unit.
  12. May well have been, brownhat, but I lived with them for a year at Old Sarum. I wasn't a part of the sqn, just attached for administrative convenience.
  13. I remember the RAC Para Sqn in Tidworth.

    They had a Malkara simulator set up in the camp. This was pretty well cutting edge kit at the time. Brilliant training aid.

    Shame Malkara was crap though!
  14. My commiserations if you had to live with my brother for a year.I spent a weekend at his MQ at Tidworth,1971,that was bad enough!