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Discussion in 'RAC' started by scarletto, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell us when this was disbanded?? Also when was it in ireland?? Any OCAs for the Para Sqdn??
  2. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    1975 I believe
  3. They must have been in Ireland in Oct´71 as Sgt Graham Cox QDG was killed(sniper?) there while serving with the Para Sqn RAC.

    And before anyone asks.............I like both feet on the ground.....did not even attempt Pcoy!
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    It confirms my memory. I remember seeing it on the OrBat while I was at Catterick Sep 75 - Feb 76 but by the time I reached the regiment, it had gone.
  5. There is an OCA for Para Sqn (I wasn't in it - far, far too young!), they meet every year in Bovvy. PM me and I'll get you a contact if you don't have one already.
  6. Get yerself to 1RTR (Jt CBRN Regt) there is a lot of work being done to get the lads there either para or cmdo trained as part of the Light Role Teams.
  7. Should have kept that quiet Cowhead once the powers that be in the RAC find out that things are getting to sexy for the RTR and now all the ground work has been done, they'll replace you with a Cav regiment.
  8. NBC sexy ? come on lads its a crap job and you know it .
  9. Sexier than you are paveway!
  10. I will give you that one cowhead after all I am welsh , ginger and in the QDG
  11. *shudders*

  12. Maroon and RM Green berets and black coveralls.

    That is quite sexy I have to agree.
  13. You can't argue with statistics and 1 RTR is the best retained Regt in the RAC. Quite simply, people are joining and staying!!! Forget the tanks vs NBC stuff, how many of you were armd recce? how many were in assault Troop/survellience troop? wasn't it the best troop in the Sqn? and not a true RAC role either!!.

    The people slagging off 1 RTR / Jt CBRN Regt have a blinkered (tanks & soltau rule ok) attitude. Moving between CR2 and the CBRN role ? (1 RTR soldiers were in Germany on standby for the World Cup) operational postings all over the world!! 1 RTR is the best travelled RAC regt bar none since it changed role!. Para & Commando roles?? available to 1 RTR not available to donkey wallopers, So why did 1 RTR get the role? cavalry not want it? or maybe no cavalry regt was good enough!!!

    The latter seems a most likely answer to me as the cavalry were probably too busy cleaning out the stables or providing fatigue parties for point to point meetings.
  14. I for one am interested to hear what the Jt CBRN Regt (1RTR) have been upto.