RAC officers doing PCBC

Discussion in 'Officers' started by baboon6, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Reading the obituary of Lt David Boyce QDG I noticed the following:

    Ministry of Defence | Defence News | Military Operations | Lieutenant David Boyce and Lance Corporal Richard Scanlon killed in Afghanistan

    Is this common for Formation Recce officers nowadays? A reflection of the fact that RAC units in general are being called on to do more dismounted tasks?
  2. ISTR reading an article about the Cambrian Patrol in the Guards Magazine written by an HCR Troop Leader who'd been to Brecon, though he wrote that his situation was unusual within the regiment (though he didn't say unique, so it could be becoming increasingly common).
  3. I'm guessing that ownership of the BRF is probably encouraging DRAC (or rather DCbt) to esnure their officers have a wider skill-set.
  4. I have heard of quite a few RAC officers going to PCD, including at least one from an armoured regiment.
  5. The BRF has been a driver for more FR soldiers to attend Inf courses as has CR2 Regts doing ground-holding roles in AFG. Certainly some guys from HCR, QDG, Scots DG and i think QRH have recently attended PCD. Similarly, courses such as FSG, PSBC, SCBC and LRCC now have RAC slots.
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  6. And the myopic are concerned about a Corps of Infantry and can't see the Combat Corps coming fast...
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  7. Sounds good to me.
  8. I was on his Tp Ldr cse as its run along side crew comds, there was a HCR officer who had done PCD, I felt sorry for him as he was told in the last week of the crew comds lol. He was saying '' bastard, im going to get thrashed'' lol. Such a shame he was killed he was a mega officer and down to earth as he was ex Rifles so he had been on both sides of the fence.

    He is sadly missed by all the lads that knew him.