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Discussion in 'Officers' started by lcs90, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Hello,
    I am final year in sixth form, and hoping to go to university next year (studying law).
    Afterwards, I hope to join a RAC FR Regiment, and cannot decide which one.
    Narrowed it down to Household Cavalry, Light Dragoons and 9th/12th Lancers.
    Any Advice on which one??
  2. How rich is your dad?
  3. Also depends on how much of the county you live in is actually owned by your family.
  4. Have you considered the QRL, another outstanding Recce Regiment?
  5. Heard all this cavalry snobbery before!
    I go to quite a lowly private school, my dad is a doctor, and the only land we own is the garden.
  6. .

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  7. Every single cavalry post on ARRSE is dominated by social standing etc, but is it really this big an issue?
    My dad went to public school, I can hold my own at bridge, but I've never played polo, not a landowner, and I have to beg for weeks from my tight daddy for £30, so not exactly a traditional officer...
  8. Visit some Regiments, see where you feel comfortable, apply to that Regiment. I'm not exactly out of the top drawer but still served as an Officer in a Cavalry Regiment.
  9. You could always join the peoples cavalry.
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  10. RTR I presume?
    Firstly, RTR use Challenger MBT (I fancy FR)
    Secondly, call me a snob, but I fancy the tradition and prestige of a proper chinless cavalry regiment
  11. Make sure you say that at interview. It will make sure the Colonel of the Regiment notices you & ensure you stand out from your peers.
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  12. Yes. Having been asked, whilst at Sandhurst how many members of my family had been in the Regt I aspired to join, and how many times I had been to the opera, before being told that I ''lack the correct social pedigree to excel in the mess'' and that I should see employment elsewhere - nothing to do with my leadership skills and performance at Sandhurst. But then again Im very happy now so perhaps a blessing in disguise. Plus we all saw that twat getting back termed on the recent BBC documentary. He was going cav.

    You seem a bit of a prick. Slagging off any regiment before evening joining is somewhat idiotic, just say you'd rather go elsewhere. Hopefully you crash and burn at regimental selection boards, end up in the RLC and get filled in by your troop staffy on a daily basis. The men in black are a fantastic organistation. But how can I judge, I ain't got the correct social pedigree.
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  13. Didn't intend to slag off any regiment, and sure the RTR are a fantastic organisation, all I was saying is that I'd prefer another regt, sorry if I've caused offence.
  14. Chippy twat. Two of the best Cavalry Officer I knew were ex-Corporals, one from the Int Corps & one from the R Signals.

    The latter was someone I tried to emulate for the rest of my military career.