RAC officer?

Hi , i am considering joining the army as an RAC officer. I never considerd joining as an officer untill recently when i realised my Btec course hits the requirements. It made me think. i was always looking at technician roles, with the idea that they are better for a transition to a civillian life. But i want to make the most out of being in the army (combat wise) whilst gaining worthwhile qualifacations

Just wondering if anyone can tell me what they do when on and off operations? The armys website doesnt really go into detail. Is it mainly paperwork and management style work or more hands on? on operations do you lead from the front or direct things from futher back?

look foward to any replys :)
Have a look at some of the threads in the officer recruiting section. There are quite a lot of answers to the "I meet the academic requirements, therefore should I join as an officer?" type question.

In summary, the academic requirement is merely a threshold, the difficult bit is satisfying the requirement (in terms of what it takes to become an officer) above and beyond academic qualifications.

Have a look at the more general officer recruiting bit and then come back with RAC specific questions if you are still interested, I would suggest.
is your name Rupert do you hunt and play polo, if not it's the RTR for you my lad
Most Cav units will allow 'visits' (give the Adj a phone). Having said that tropper66 is right, it may be the 'Armoured Farmers' for you.

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