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Discussion in 'RAC' started by squat-thrust, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. I am a state school educated (good one though!?) graduate, who is interested in becoming a RAC officer.
    My question - is is there still a 'private school / second income' type ethos connected with joining a Cav regiment?
    Would I stand any chance in joining one due to my 'Joe average' non connected background?
    Additional to this my Grandfather was a SSM in the 'Queens Bays' in the very dim & distant past - would this make any difference good or bad?
    Answers on a postcard......Please
  2. At risk of sounding like a stuck record, the answer you are most likely to get on here is, "go through the officer application process and meet as great a variety of (RAC) Regiments that you can". You'll get the least ambiguous idea on how you would fit in.

    Edited to add: a grandfather who served in the Queen's Bays is unlikely to carry any weighting. A father/brother/uncle/close relative who has served within the last 10-15 years will help you out. Hopefully you will sail through the interview process on your own merit, not by family connections.
  3. I had no idea that the RAC were quite so fussy. You could always try the AA as I think they promise to fix 90% of all vehicles by the roadside. I imagine some kind of mecahnical ability would be a bonus - do they cover that in {good} state schools?
  4. you also have to have your chin removed and have the ability to be a twat. just look at james blunt for any pointers. if that doesnt help try one flew over the cuckoos nest for what the officers mess is like
  5. I bet James blunt really gives a sh@t what you think . Have a look at the RTR they have really down to earth officers (on the whole)
    and the RTR are pretty good at there job .
  6. sadly in the cav regiments class does still come into it. I agree with paveway RTR are very down to earth and good units.
    james blunt wasn't RAC
  7. Yes he was. Last time I checked the Household Cavalry were part of the Royal Armoured Corps.
  8. As you have seen from some of the replies, ARRSE doesn't do 'reality'.
  9. hate to split hairs!! well actually I love it, but the Household cavalry are not and never have been part of the Royal Armoured Corps.

    It is the Household Cavalry & Royal Armoured Corps, clearly your not an ex JLR

  10. OK. You got me there. You may have noticed my avatar which is a bit of a giveaway. But hair-splitting aside, they all use tanks. Well, armoured messtins in the case of HCR, so they're all tarred with the same brush.
  11. Stupid puddle jumper.
  12. i dont suppose he does. mind you what do you expect coming from some one who advocates the RTRs as an option. thats even worse then council house cav
  13. Come on flaps its me !!!! you must agree that RTR tends to have ''johns'' and ''steves'' instead of ''ruperts'' and ''henrys''
  14. Clank! Clank! I'm a tank. Happiness is a damp ditch.
  15. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    The problem with the RTR is that everyone assumes that they are the working man's cavalry, hence an uptake of 20-30 odd for every place even at RMAS.

    There's plenty of other good'uns out there - QRL - gleaming bunch, QDG - never met a bad one, Scots DG - you can't help but love them, picnic hampers and all. Just have a look at them all and get some visits under your belt.

    And that's from a stinking infanteer!