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Hello all,

I'm at the start of the Sandhurst selection process, I spent 3 years as a TA Infanteer, so I know nothing very useful about the RAC in terms of Regimental characters, how well they are regarded by each other and by the army in gerneral.

I'm seriously considering applying to an RAC regiment, and would like some sort of HUMINT on which one might be a good choice. I'm undecided as to whether I would prefer Armoured Recce or MBT's, so again I'd like as many opinions as possible.

I realise that you must get loads of posts asking stupid questions like this, but I'm concerned that my lack of knowledge might lead me to jump at the first regiment that dosent think I'm a complete tosser.

Please be as partisan as you like, any info is good. I'm not a champagne charlie, I'd like to join a regiment that is professional and well regarded, but has a good bunch of lads in all the messes.

Thanks for your help, and cheers for taking the time to read this.
better by far a queens royal hussar, nuff said but I'm sure someone will come and call me the equivalent of a c*ck smoker!
Hang 10,

I don't know enough about the RAC to talk about what the job is like but I suggest you look at the following criteria before joining a regt/or considering a regt:

a. Do you fit in? - e.g., do you like the officers, the feel of the ethos of the regt, the relationship between officers and the relationship between soldiers and officers.
b. Do you like where they are stationed? - e.g., could you cope with endless winters in Fallingbostel, or would you prefer to live nearer to London?
c. Does the role of the regt appeal to you? - Jt NBC Regt, Fmn Recce, MBT?
d. What does that regt's future hold?
e. Do you have a regional connection with a regt?

I'm not asking these specifically of you, but they might help in discounting some, or getting some into your mind... I hope you don't discount any on the basis of any denigration you might see on arrse (that would never happen here).


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As Barbs has said, find a Regt that you like not the other way round. Remember, it is a buyers market more than a seller's one. I fully agree with barbs, however, be careful. Do not be fooled by pretty colours of uniforms, seniority in the line, etc. People will always be quick to talk about the faults of another organisation rather than speak of their virtues.
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