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Hi. Does anyone know if the Household cavalry is on high or low payband. I understand that the Infantry are on the higher scale apart from pte and ssgt but according to JSP 754 the HCAV are on lower apart from LCPL. The reason I ask is because I am looking to re-join and this is one of my choices. The pay is is irelevant as I would prefer to be doing a job I enjoy rather than having a large pay packet and being miserable but it's always nice to have a bit of both.lol I would appreciate some info from anyone who has recently served or is currently serving with the HCAV also any advice and recommendations on joining the HCAV will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
Pushing aside "Yeh, best regt etc" as most people say that about their own unit, here is my 2p's worth -
Firstly, I've no idea about pay - I served I was paid! What I do know is - HCav & RAC full screws (after crew commanders course if it's still there) used to get (90's) £5 per day crew commanders pay, this also contiued to be paid if you were mounted in HCav, if you get your wings in HCav there's Para pay as well. Also HCMR has London allowance (was about £120 pcm in 2000).
I'm guessing that if your re-joining then you'll probably looking at sticking out the long term. I think HCR/HCMR is a good choice with families as at the Queens request they are based in Windsor & Knightsbridge, so if you marry in Knightsbridge, get a pad and then get posted to HCR, you can stay living in the pad quaters in HCMR - You could 10 years ago and probalby the same now. There were a lot of guys that lived in Windsor and travelled each day to HCMR. So on the kids & wife front it is a lot more settled than moving round every 3 or 5 years.
I've been out 10 years so a few bits might have changed, but there's a few guys on here that have only just got out in the last couple of years that might have fresher info.

But I will say I loved it, also as no ****** wants to go to HCMR, it can be a good promotion route, there are people that were Troopers, went HCMR for Lance jack (I did), did 2 years, went HCR and then a few years later went back to HCMR for their LCoH, just keeping bouncing back and forth. HCMR is a basic, but very busy routine, but gives a good break from spending 6 months in Canada getting STD's every other day and the usual crap of excersises!
Enjoy which ever regt you go for, but HCR is good!



That is true, after completing Crew Cmdrs you're on higher pay band, same detail if you're a flaggy the Signal Instructor's course, both course are only really available to LCsoH. However, beneath that its lower all the way baby.

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