RAC hopeful, one question.


Hows it,

Just in regards to regiment assignment for a tank crewman, Is it request basis or need basis when deciding on where to send newly passed out RAC hopefuls?

I would love to be kept in the south in Tidworth with the RTR, will I be given the ability to voice my preference?

I understand I will "do as im told" but looking to understand the process of choosing a recruits reg.
Unless things have changed, and I would doubt it, you will go where Manning & Records say people are needed.

Having said that, we were aloud to put in a wish list, so you never know.

I wasn't RTR, and it was a long time ago.
AIUI you fill in a preference form with your three preferences and then they post you where they need you. You may, or may not, get Tidworth. You may, or may not, get RTR.
The odds of you ending up in Tidworth (or worst case Bulford) are pretty high.

If you manage to steer away from light cav, it's almost certain.

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