RAC Gunnery & School - Red Tabs and Armbands in Here

Do you think that Schools Gunnery Instructors need to take the cassette out of their head?

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Come on, I have had to deal with a number of schools gunnery instructors, but some just take the biscuit. They will even try to talk down to COs!!!!!

Are they gits or what?
This wouldn't be a certain "blueredblue" who claimed to have shot down a pucara in the Falklands with 30mm would it?

I think the bullshit is just bred into them - there are plenty of exceptions though as not all dullard cassette heads


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That was one I was thinking of. It is just the innate ability to get up peoples noses must be a pre requisite to go on cadre.

Hasn't a certain RSMI been thrown off 5 seperate ranges for offending people by COs and Sqn Ldrs?


Ozgerbobble said:
Biscuits_AB said:
There were no Pucaras shot down by 30mm.
A Lulworth myth :wink:
AArrrr, me hearties.........and there was Pirates seen around the Cove!! Shiver me timbers and all other nautical expressions, theatrical or otherwise.

Love to have seen the gunner traversing to get the target! "On!.... Fack!.... On!....... Fack!...... On!....... Fack!..... On!........ Fack!.... On!......bollox!.......Next Target right.....Go on!"


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Lasalle, I believe, it was a black flavoured beret....... Could be wrong.
Its years since any of the RSMIs wore a black beret.....Black Mac in the early 80s..?


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I think can think of two black bereted RSMIs in recent times. Admittedly, one is in post at ARMTAT.

However, the school is where it all begins....

"I'm terribly sorry, but it is absolutely clear that you have not been listening to the clear instruction that I have provided......... If you look at the L30 120mm Rifled Gun and observe the blah, blah, blah, blah....." Six hours later......"and that is why I am the best gunnery instructor at the AFV School of Gunnery, Lulworth."
Are we only talking about the RSMI (G).......or are we also talking about th RSMI Author/RSMI Ranges RMSI at ARMTAT and RSMI Weapons at ATDU. Only two of these might visit a firing period.....and the one that we are talking about must have been RDG?


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I am talking about all. But I am reliably informed it was a tankie RSMI that was thrown off multiple ranges.

But if you know something I don't I am happy to be reducated


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Clearly I am not going to post names, but this individual is famous for his malapropisms (i.e. "This coin has two edges" or "The sword has two sides" or "We have all passed water since then!!!!!"

Blind Pew, I only speak two languages, english and bad english, pray educate the ignorant.
When catapults are outlawed, only outlaws will have catapults - I think is what Blind Pew is trying to say :wink:

Quite why he is saying it remains a mystery


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Well anyway, back to the topic. I have had my rant, I have just had a difficult time with some of these schoolie types. May those who are guilty burn in hades.
Those that have trouble with schoolie types, possibly are those who fail to understand the finer points of tank gunnery
Yeah...I did the course...got a schools pass...did the school........easy 2 years....Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

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