RAC - Extra Pay?


Currently about to start off the recruitment process and hoping to join the RAC (QRL's)

It mentions in all the info i have that once qualified as a driver or gunner you get increased pay compared to normal infantry because of being in RAC.

Could anyone tell me what this increase is, i.e how much extra it is as i only have the typical pay scales for an infantry soldier.

Many thanks :D


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If its anything like the RE you get raised by increments on passing trade courses. Accelerated Incremental Progression or something like that!
You may find that you move from low to high band pay on certain courses too!

AFAIK Its not like Engr Dive pay or Para pay which continues throughout your career as long as you are qualified!

Try posting in the RHQ Pay forum for a more accurate response!


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From a purely neutral viewpoint, I would have to say the RAC literature, though not wrong, is misleadign and obviously aimed at attracting people from the Inf to the RAC.

All basic pay as a soldier is now "Trade based", so if you get certain qualifications that attract the higher pay band, you will indeed get higher pay. I feel its a bit misleading becasue there are courses that you can do in many different arms or corps (including the Inf) that will get you higher Pay band. What I will concede is that it is possible to get the higher pay easier in the RAC than the inf because of the trades you will/may do.

Sorry if this isn't the definitive answer you were looking for, but the Trade/pay system isnt simple either.

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