RAC Crewman / RA light Gun & AS90 / adivce on roles please.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hungrylion, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Hello Guys,

    I'm still going through my application process and looking at the Roles available to me. (completed my barb, waiting for medical results, and just about to do my basic skills test)

    There's quiet a few roles I'm very interested in, but the main ones are :

    RAC Crewman or RA light Gun & AS90

    Any advice, experiences would be greatly appreciated.

  2. RAC Crewman, drive tanks.

    AS90 Gunner, crew and gun the AS90.

    Light Gun Gunner, operate the 105mil light gun.

    All require you to be not quite good enough to be an Infanteer, and not smart enough to join a technical trade.

    Hope this helps :wink:
  3. I suggest you head across to the relevant boards on the site, as you will find an awful lot out there. I could go on at length to you about the job description for RAC crewman, and a fair bit- although not first hand- about Gunner trades too, however I'd rather not use the Joining Up board when there are already boards in place for finding out about this kind of thing, from the men and women doing the jobs.

    Bear in mind, nobody will make the decision for you, this part of the process is all you. Pop over to the forums, have a look through the threads, and if you want to know something you can't see, pop a thread on the relevant to get information from the subject matter experts.


  4. Thanks for you time, and reply.

    I have been reading up about all the roles on the Mod website. Just wanted some opinions about these ones in particular. I will check the other threads. cheers
  5. there very few things more fun than blowing the shite out of things with a tank

  6. Haha, sounds like my cup of tea. B A N G.

    or how about having quality time with a hot lady.... B A N G.
  7. I have in my cheiftain on soltau
  8. RAC Crewman : Drive and maintain CR2 arguably the finest direct fire weapons platform on the battlefield, Or train as a gunner, and get to be in control of its awesome 120mm rifled gun, and devastating L94 Chain Gun. Anything else isn't worth getting out of bed for.

    Happy to help.
  9. Sounds awesome! i guess that one of your roles!?

    Recce? or battle? i don't think i fancy the recce
  10. Recce is boy racer of the army, swaning round at high speed in a sports tank, wicked, In the old we even had our own helicopters, now that was goodeven in a Sioux that was prob older than me.
  11. haha really?? yeah you boys go quiet far ahead don't you? 60-100km ahead i was told? but not to bad i guess, if your in a tank that can fly along at speed. isn't the challenger 2 a 17ltr engine?!? b e a s t!!

    how long on average would you say your inside one of these little beasties?

  12. A scimy can do about 60mph but we once had at MVEE a CVR without a turret painted black and yellow stripes. I dont know it's top speed The speedo only went to 80, but I once outran the police car that was suposed to be clearing the way on the M4 I was Sh**** myself as if I had thrown a track it would have been very messy
  13. Ha ha, ripping up the road. sounds like fun. you do any dougnuts? reverse 180*? now that would be some funny s**t

    how long you been in now? assuming your still in.

  14. JHC I joined in 1966 I is long gone 17yrs 17/21 lancers 10yrs TA passed it now
  15. Fantastic, sounds like you have a good career, full of I'm sure good and bad times, although i hope more good. The best decision you made?

    I'm 25yrs old now, and wish i signed up years ago. strange how things come together.