RAC Commando?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by OrGlory, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Are there any Tankie Commandos out there? I'm doing Phase 2 at the moment and eventually I want to do the AACC but will I ever get to do it whilst being a tankie? I would of thought with formation recce there would of been a demand for commandos.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I think QDG suport Comando ops although I don't know if they all have to AACC
    D Sqn HCR support 16 AAB although some are parachute and P Coy trained not all are

    What have you joined?
  3. If you are in Bovington, have you not thought to ask around the multitude of RAC soldiers of varied capbadge you are surrounded by every day? Why ask on an internet forum?

    As a sidenote, you most certainly are NOT a tankie, bonehead. :x
  4. Tankie Commandos....mate I am pissing myself here.....this guy may help you!!!


    Half way down page...Cpl S George RN

    He wa the nearest we had..now stop being so silly!!!!
  5. 1 RTR have soldiers who have completed the AACC. The CBRN role means that they support both Commando and Para formations, So you could also do P coy and then learn to jump out of a perfectly airworthy aircraft as well.
  6. In a tank? Surely you would drive out.

    I can't work out if this is a serious thread or 1 f,kin big joke.
  7. So do they wear the green beret as well?

    I have never seen any RAC soldier with Army Commando Flash on the sleeve?

    The CBRN role is also slightly different. I know HCR have a Sqn attached to 16 Air Assault Bde but any RAC folk attached to a Commando..nEver heard of it, and in my time on the Plain I dont recall any RAC Commandos!

    The only Army guys that are attached all of the time are 29 RA CDO surely?
  8. One Sqn of the QDGs wore the dagger after surporting the RMs in Iraq
  9. Yes I was aware of that, it was some sort of 'battle honour' or something as they were part of the CDO (BG in our world). They did no bespoke CDO training though, and bear in mind the CDO were just being used as another 'grunt' unit!
  10. Correctomondo Trelawney me olde shipmate! It's a pity 16 Fairground Assault didn't bestow the same honour on one of our Sqns who supported them (very briefly) on TELIC, mind you they did get p1ssed off at the amount of diesel they were asking for! :roll:
  11. Next you'll be asking if the RLC have Commandos!

    Wait a minute 8O
  12. 1 RTR are providing CBRN teams to support both Amphibious & Airborne units. As a result, they are now getting soldiers both Commando and Para trained. If you want to go down the super fit route in the RAC then 1 RTR is the Regiment to be in.
  13. WTF............? Armoured Corps.........................Bootnecks....................... fitness? What the hell ever happened to.....................'Why walk or run when you can effing ride into the combat zone'.
    Frankly astonished from Runcorn!
  14. Not in fcuking Warminster it aint!!!!