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Discussion in 'RAC' started by aghart, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. RAC Centre Regiment, the worst job in the world for an RAC regiment (allegedly), yet I loved every second of the time we had there ( 1 RTR Nov 82-Nov 84) and have not heard a negative comment from anyone who was there. We even had soldiers from C Squadron requesting transfers out of Cyprus to A&B Sqn's after they had completed Chieftain conversion courses and experienced Bovington/Lulworth and especially the weekends in Poole.

    So has anyone got any negative views on that role? or is it just happy memories all the way. Either way why not share your views.

    The 'Jolly Miller' pub (sadly now a mothercare store and a book shop) in Poole must rank alongside the Castle at Lulworth and the Ram in Tidworth as a Tankie pub to remember.
  2. Apart from falling asleep on the train from Waterloo missing Wool and paying out yet again for that fooking taxi! Or worse getting the last train to Wool, no taxi running and that bitch of a walk back to camp.

    Please say I was not the only one to do this.
  3. For younger members who may not know about the RAC Centre Regt (it no longer exists). There was always an RAC Regt on a two year tour based at The RAC Centre. RHQ, HQ and 1 sabre Sqn at Bovington 1 Sqn at Lulworth and the third Sqn was initially the RAC Demo Sqn at Warminster but eventually it became the RAC Armoured Car Sqn in Cyprus.

    The job of the Sqns was to provide the manpower to service and look after the vehicles used by the D&M, Gunnery & Signal schools, provide security (Provost staff) and be the logistic backbone of the RAC Centre. Another important Job was to run the Bovvy "hop" how could I forget that!!

    A totally non operational role, no excercises, virtually no duties, Monday to Friday weekends in Poole/Bournemouth. Life could be hell at times!!!

    Bit of a shock going back to Germany afterwards though and finding yourself back in the real world and having to play soldiers!
  4. Signals Troop 1974 - 1976. Excellent time spent at Bovi......if you had a car and a packet of ciggies you couldn't help but score. Bovi Hop was brilliant...discoed my b%lls off all night and then generally emptied them with a young lady on the way home :D
    Remember a lady who used to work in the HQ admin office, built like a goddess and possessed huge tracks of land........used to live in Wool...she must be nearly a pensioner by now. I used to have dreams about her...........Happy days!!!
  5. Is the Wareham Witch still alive, I wonder?
  6. Closely followed later by Collonades on Tower Park. When I was at juniors PTI Robbo used to make us all bow down and worship the 1 RTR sign on the tank park gate when we ran past :eek: I'm still scarred from it to this day :eek:
  7. Oh and dont forget the Chequers, Grab a Granny Night!...heady days...blah...blah
  8. The walk back from wool station after a night out at the Jolly Miller (didnt know it had gone, why? did it?) Or not getting on the right part of the train in Bournemouth and sitting in the carriages that didnt go to Poole :(

    We had a great time there, i remember when the scaffolding was up, the lads climbing up it to the WRACs quarters on 3rd floor, the old Bovvy hop, oh and watching all the young JLRs getting beasted (nice to see after going through it)

    Had a good time whilst there, not as good as woofers, but passable.
  9. scarlett,

    I remember the scaffolding, early 80s. Good years, best of my single life without a shadow of doubt. The boat races in the NAAFI were legendary, and some of the WRACs could sink them with the best. :twisted:

    Having the cookhouse in the same block was great, only had to fall down the stairs on Sunday mornings for brunch, if I could make it.

    Happy days :wink:
  10. I think 1RTR took over from us, before we went to Tidworth, i remember our Provost staff loosing a prisoner whilst taking him for breakfast, then another who had been in the French and Spanish foriegn legion locked them in their own cells, and disappeared on a railway coal wagon, not very good at keeping prisoners!!

    Happy days during B1 consig course, remember most of us failed our first exam due to nights in Naafi
  11. The Jolly Miller although a pub in it's own right was physically attatched to and was part of the Dolphin Hotel in what is now Falkland Square in Poole. The Pub was a money making machine but the hotel was making a loss and as a combination it was still making a loss. So the whole lot was sold and is now a terrace of shops.
  12. Bloody shame. But all good things have to come to an end I suppose.


    What became of J***y B****r from MT?
  13. Aye, remember the dolphin hotel well, if you came out of the back door of the jolly miller, you were at the back of the hotel, turn right and their were the hotel toilets.
  14. The first time I did that I was so pissed I got completely lost and ended up in some back alley. Took me ages to find my way back in.
  15. Sam, last i saw of him was at tidworth, if its same lad im thinking of?? I take it you were there when we were. 16/5th QRL.