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RAC books in recent history?

As the title really , can anyone recommend any reading involving the RAC in recent history?

I've been trying to find out a bit about Formation Recce in particular, went into borders yesterday and the only thing that I spotted was an Osprey book about the formation of recce units during WWII , which while interesting isn't really what I was after.

It seems most of the books being put out about the current 2 wars are centred around teeth arms , yet theres hardly even a passing mention of cav. IIRC there is a decent bit in In Foriegn Fields, which I'll look in on later, but thats about all I can find. So , can anyone help?

Cheers! :thanks:
Might be worth checking regimental sites too: our OCA magazine always seems to have 2-3 'my war' books advertised in it. As these are usually privately published you could be missing a fair few

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