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Discussion in 'RAC' started by commander, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. Watching the Edingburgh tattoo last night and noticed one of the Cavalry bands wearing the RAC badge, not aware of this before and ideas? :D
  2. [align=center]The Edinburgh Military Tattoo Programme 2007


    Fanfaric Salute

    The Massed Pipes and Drums

    The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
    The Royal Corps of Signals
    The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles
    Scottish Universities Officers Training Corps
    The Auckland Police
    The Royal Caledonian Society of South Australia
    Royal Army of Oman

    Taipei First Girls' Senior High School
    Honour Guard & Drum Corps

    From the pulsing picturesque island of Taiwan comes its renowned marching corps

    Middlesex County Volunteer Fifes and Drums

    New England's iconic fife and drum ensemble

    Massed Commonwealth Highland Dancers

    The Edinburgh Military Tattoo Highland Spring Dancers joined by
    Highland Dancers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand & South Africa

    The Imps Motor Cycle Display Team

    A breathtaking display of high speed skill and courage

    The Band of The Moscow Military Conservatoire

    A thrilling exhibition of traditional music from Russia's premier band

    The Mounted Band of the Blues and Royals

    Pomp and ceremony from one of the finest cavalry bands in the British Army

    Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra

    The sound of award-winning Caribbean calypsos
    with the only military steel band of its kind

    The Massed Military Bands

    Performed by
    The Light Cavalry Band
    The Royal Artillery Band
    The Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland

    Joined by the Mounted Band of the Blues & Royals
    To celebrate the Diamond Wedding Anniversary of
    Her Majesty The Queen and HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
    Accompanied by The Tattoo Choir (Kevock Choir)

    Joined by The Band of the Moscow Military Conservatoire

    The Massed Military Bands and
    Massed Pipes & Drums

    The stirring sounds of the combined bands

    La Boum
    Everything I Do, I Do It For You


    Featuring the 1,000-strong cast with the Guard of Honour and Castle Drawbridge sentries
    provided by 40 Regiment Royal Artillery

    Barren Rocks of Aden
    National Anthem
    Auld Lang Syne
    Evening Hymn & Last Post - Nightfall in Camp

    Lone Piper - Crags of Tumbledown

    March Out

    Scotland The Brave
    We're No Awa' to Bide Awa
    The Black Bear[/align]

    Not sure but my bold could be your answer
  3. Toot-tee-too!
  4. A most concise answer, so the Light cav band wear the RAC badge, thanks. The girl marching band were quite something as well!!
  5. Didn't see it for some reason mainly to do with the woman i am presently married to but it makes you appreciate the past when Regiments had there own bands.

    I often ask myself, although we are one of the richest nations on the planet, why are we making do with less and less ?
  6. Commander,

    I am making further enquiries with old band member from my Regiment at present, just to make sure (I am interested myself)> Will get back to you.
  7. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I saw that and clocked the RAC badge and thought the same thought. However I thought I had seen a LD badge on one of those dressed like LD. But I could have been wrong.