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Discussion in 'RAC' started by dirk_digler, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Hello to everyone. Tried the search function and looked through the MOD and British Army sight with no luck.

    Hopefully my question can be answered on here. Is it possible to attempt P company or commando selection in the RAC? I think HCR have a squadron in 16th air assault (D sqn??) but are there any others?

    Many thanks

  2. Had you gone to the the correct "site", you might have found it! :)

    Clicky here!!!

  3. So you couldn't get it with the 9th/12th Lancers then?
  4. No.
  5. cunny_funt I saw that site. Thats where I saw about D Sqn, Household Cavalry. So there are no other regiments that do P coy then by the looks of it.

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  6. It's not done by Regiments mate! :)

    It's done by individuals, from all arms.

    If they Pass, they would be posted to one of the Attached Arm Units within 16AA.
    ie, Engineers to 9 Sqn. Arty to 7RHA etc, etc.
  7. 1 RTR (CBRN) send guys on P Coy and AACC.
  8. Yeah, course they do, with special events like the pie eating race instead of the log race. The jumps course is different too, they use an extra large cargo parachute for the fat tankie cnuts.
  9. Also full member's of Tony's gym 8)
  10. Jorrocks 1982, so young , so bitter, Real Men Wear Black! Knob!!
  11. 2 of our guys (HCR) were first I think in RAC to do all arms commando course, but you don't get any pay for it - If you have the fitness you may as well jump out of the plane for the para pay.