RAC and Hcav Phase 1 Training

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Cav4756, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. I believe that the RAC should move Ph 1 Training to Catterick, and not continue to be trained by mainly CSS arms. The RAC is a combat Arm speicalising in Mounted and Dismounted close combat ( MCC DCC ).

    What do you think

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  2. I trained with Wooden tops (as a Cav man) in Pirbright. I loved it and it taught us about the real values of being Blue, Red Blue and not a chippie bastard.
  3. Which is the concern now with RAC going to Pirbright which is RLC Med Corps ect now, I had this argument with a HCav Col, who remembers HCR training with foot guards, and is trying to get the RAC complete to catterick - I strongely believe it's the only way to secure out put standards for the RAC
  4. But standards in training are one thing, the other is when you get to the regiment. I'm sure there are other units that are good in basic, but become slack once they leave.
  5. I tend to agree but I think this is part of a much wider issue involving the evolution of the combat arms career streams and the bringing together of the RAC and Inf under DCbt. I would certainly like to see RAC recruits sharing a common Ph1 syllabus with their Inf counterparts, however given that Inf initial training is less clearly broken up into phases, it is not automatically apparent at what stage the RAC soldiers should split off to conduct their trade training. My somewhat radical view is that we should consider effectively amalgamating the RAC and the Inf into a single combat arm with two principle career streams (mounted and dismounted) within it.

    While in the ideal world, all arms would conduct much more infantry (actually more accurately "soldier first") training both in initial and subsequently in continuation training, we have to be realistic in terms of funding available as well as fitting additional training into an already tight training schedule.
  6. I hear rumours that plans are afoot for RAC recruits to be shifted to Catterick, but I can't see it happening until the next parliament really, the MOD has got better things to spend its money on, especially when the basic training is more or less fit for purpose and special-to-arms training and experience at RD is more than enough anyway. Pity the poor bastards when it does happen though.
  7. I understand that Bassingbourne has or is about to close as an ATR, so where are phase 1 recruits for the RAC going to br trained?
  8. Not that relevant I'm afraid, but.a few questions about the RAC as its my 2nd option - Inside the tanks do they wear webbing etc, what weapons do they have with them inside the tanks, and do tank crews ever do foot patrols too or is it always rolling around in a tank? Thanks
  9. I believe you should go back to school and sort your spelling out.
  10. Most crewmen wear webbing when in their vehicles, especially in the winter, it keeps their legs snug and warm. As for weapons inside the tank. Where else would they put their issued trusty rifle? In my time in armour I did plenty of foot patrols, but as ever it is always down to the Theatre you are operating in.
  11. Thanks, did you do any in Afghanistan or did you leave before then? Also, this might sound stupid but does it ever come down to one tank on its own or is it always multiple tanks rolling together?
  12. OK not trying to belittle your thoughts as I've served first line with RAC, Infantry, Armd Infantry and various other capbadges but to be honest CMSR is pretty much the same for all civvies to soldiers (which every recruit is) ITC then do their phase 2 training at the end for their specific role. So the first 14 weeks at ITC are very similar but then there is a further 12-14 weeks of Specific Infantry skills....just like the RAC going from Phase 1 training to Bovington to do your trade skills. So are you wanting to do 28 weeks ITC (14 weeks CMSR+approx 12-14 additional Infantry training) followed by your 17 weeks at Bovington ......what makes a RAC Recruit that special that they should do both Infantry then RAC training???? Remember all jobs your a soldier first, are we to get the RA going to Catterick aswell as when I was attached to them most of the regiment went to Iraq as Infantry soldiers, then are we to Support elements who get attached to RAC, RA units to go to ITC aswell as you must realise a lot of lads who are in those Regiments will still be trawled to be Infantry on Ops. In Colchester on Herrick a great number of my VM's did a full tour with the Paras as Infantry soldiers, they had gone through a normal ATR trained by CSS Arms and phase 2 at Bordon and were at a very good standard to do a brilliant job with the Para section in Afghan. If the RAC believe they require 28 weeks basic training followed by trade training then i'm sure there are a lot more Capbadges out there who believe the same and I think Brave-Coward had a few good points. Anyway if you did more Phase 1 then it would give you less time to change track pads and clean hulls out.And Cav its no way a dig at you ive served a lot of years with armoured so know your role is valuable.
  13. Jesus, you chat utter crap. Is any crewman really going to wear webbing whilst in their crew position in a tank? It's bad enough without webbing let alone trying to Drive/Load whilst wearing it. Take it you haven't heard of an AFV Cremans vest?

    I'd worry about getting to your regiment first before asking about armoured tactics.
  14. Surely I should do research beforehand though to see whether it's something I want to do etc...?
  15. Read the content of my post before posting inane dribble in response, you complete cock.