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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Rounds_Down, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Hello All,

    Been lurking for awhile, decided to start asking questions. I'm 23 this month and have been considering the RAC, In particular, RECCE. Could someone be so kind, In giving me some Information on the best Regiments for this and there day to day role and any other relevant details.

    Much Appreciated

  2. you just joining up if so why not go into RTR and be on a real tank all that sneaky beaky aint all its cracked up to be just a bunch of prima donas dressed up in their pti shirts strutting their stuff a lot easier silencing a target with 120mm compared to 76mm.
  3. orville get your facts right, 76mm was scorpion and that went out of service years ago, try 30mm.
  4. even so id rather a 76 compared to a 30 but you cant beat 120mm to make a job more complete.
  5. It sounds like someone has a size problem and is trying to make up for it with ballistics :roll:
    come on young sir you can confide in us :D
  6. Depends were you live? Join your "local" RAC Regiment, is much easier to get a lift home when on leave. But seriously, have a look around various Regiments websites etc that will give you a biased view of day to day life current activities etc Link Here......... Have a look and see what you think.
    Contrary to what many say on here RAC Regiments, be they Armoured or Recce are very much similar (ie All Recce and all Armoured similar to each respective type) and I'm sure you would have an exciting career whichever one you chose to join.
  7. Thank you for your replys. Regards to Regiments, the Queens Royal Lancers and the Light Dragoons sounded Interesting. As Im In Birmingham, I don't think there are any local RAC regiments near here, but I may be wrong. Theres no harm joining a reg, thats not local Is It?

  8. No, not at all, was a wry attempt at humour on my part. You can join whichever one you fancy.
  9. I had to work with the QRL once, good bunch of lads. I believe they're recce now.
  10. Anybody care to Inform me, of either regiments or more about the armoured role within these?


  11. Young, dont I wish, LOL, done 35 years so far and still serving. Try the Light Dragoons, best Regt.
  12. How would the Light Dragoons be rated? Anybody know what there day to day roles are, I am very stuck on which regiment to join, within the RAC.

  13. Rounds Down if you are in B/ham then the Queen's Royal Hussars are your local Regt.
  14. qrh, nnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, join the LD my lad.
  15. to much bs in the cav join the peoples cav alot easier to keep black covies clean .