RAC/AA discounts for vets

Lifted this from another site. Haven't tried it myself yet but you never know your luck.............

"I know a lot of people use the above service but are you aware of the discount available if you ask for the Military Veterans Discount??

Having received a quote from the AA I asked for the Veterans discount and the price dropped a further £88.00 pounds.

The discount code can be found in the Veterans Discounts web site.

As the RAC do not offer there discount on the Veterans site I called and asked them if they offered a discount. the answer was yes and it amounts to 25% discount...

They then quoted me £84 pounds for two cars with home start and recovery.

The above quote amounts to a saving of over £120.00 from the initial enquiry....

If you need to get RAC cover get an initial quote done over the phone or email then try again and then quote this reference number GE0167.

Well worth the time effort and cost of the phone calls further to the cost of the calls I then asked for the free phone call number that is 08007317090.."
For other veterans discounts look at:


There is an annual membership fee for your veteran's card but probably that will pay for itself with the weekly Asda discounts:-
"Asda, one of the leading supermarket chains, is offering a 5% discount on weekly shopping to members. To access this scheme Card Holders are required to buy vouchers from British Veterans which can be exchanged at any Asda store."

When I read Sniper005's post I first looked at
where there is no mention of vets discounts anywhere - maybe because that site belongs to the MoD?


War Hero
Is someone having a laugh here? All these discounts are available to you anyway and you don't have to pay a joining fee and an annual subscription. Check out the forces discount brochure.

Where is the money going from the joining fee etc? I smells a rat!

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