Rabin Hood

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by jonwilly, May 25, 2010.

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  1. We have just had a two hour Brief on the new Hollywood blockbuster on the History Channel.
    Why oh why do the clocksukers want to keep rewriting British History.
    Their new Mal Gibson substitute some old Gladiator kept coming on giving lectures on how they saw matters in these days.

    Mind you he did start in one of the best 'Crime' movies I have seen, LA Confidencial.
  2. Learn to spell you retard.
  3. Wedge it scroat.

  4. Re: Rabin Hood

    Is this a wah Smudge?
  5. Perhaps Yitzak is the new middle eastern folk-hero outlaw!!!!!!
  6. Just a guess, could be the "Rabin" bit.....
  7. sick my bells clocksuker :roll:

    To be fair, I thought this thread was a bout a Jewish blokes foreskin.
  8. My heart bleeds Purple piss.
    When I was a kid we had Poppy the Sailor man on TV.
    One episode was based on Robin Hood but of course Poppy pronounced it Rabin Hood.
    Bluto was the Sheriff and Olive Oil Maid Marion.

    But as I asked "want to keep rewriting British History."
  9. Christians.

    Plain and simple.
  10. To simple for me.

    Prefers a good conspiracy,
  11. Because they have none of their own
  12. There lies the irony, maybe he robs from the Palestinians and sells stuff back to them at inflated rates. Like they did with their goods they had been storing during the last offensive. Finally allowed them into Gaza but charged them for the storage.
  13. I haven't seen it yet but someone told me they've given Robin a Scouse accent... what a brilliantly inspired piece of type-casting: "Calm down, calm down, we's out on the rob, calm down..."
  14. "Because they have none of their own"

    Disagree, the native Americans had a long history before any European came.
    I see so many documentary's where old long established 17th &18h Century well preserved Houses are featured.
    One yank I drink socialize with owns a house three down from the house the Nation gave to the victor of Gettysburg. McClellan ?
    Breaveheart was terrible and from what I have seen in the two hour feature on the new Robin Hood, English history has been totally written.

    Of course that's assuming there ever was a Bowman of Sherwood Forest.
  15. You don't have to watch it.

    How can they re-write british history if you're not even sure if Robin Hood ever existed?