Rabid pup bites social worker

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Is this women a complete fcuk-wit? collects stray dogs off the streets of Sri Lanka to bring back to England!! and wonders why she gets bitten by one that has rabies!
    It beggars belief that a charity exists that actually does this,full marks for the quarantine system that sorted the problem! plus full marks to the puppy for biting the clueless tw*t.
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  2. Good doggy, can we send it a bone?

    Or another social worker? ;-p
  3. There are enough dogs in this country that need rehoming, never mind rabid balls of fur from some shitty backwater.
  4. I like the fact it bit a social worker :D However what an irresponsible charity. Didnt they want to help rehome any of the thousands of dogs in rescue centres in THIS country? When there are no dogs in rescue centres, none on the streets and none being abused here, then perhaps it will be time to look elsewhere for dogs to bring in to this country. In the meantime if they wish to help dogs abroad, by all means go abroad and do so but keep them in those countries.

    (and breathe)
  5. With food prices rising around the globe, why the hell is she nicking protein off poor people's plates? Selfish bitch.
  6. Was it rabid before it bit her, or afterwards...
  7. I shall send a "get well soon" card to the dog.
  8. That is spot-on, halomonkey. I love dogs and hate to see them abused or neglected. But a dog has no intrinsic value in a sanctuary. I understand that The Canine Defence League receives much critisism, rightly, from dog wardens? and RSPCA?, for its policy of never euthanasing un-homable dogs. We do have "last chance" and "death row" rehoming centres in this country. The ONLY purpose a dog serves is as a working dog or as a companion.
  9. Have worked in an environment of rabies quarantine on and off for several years now (laboratory beagles) all these animals are tested and confirmed rabies (and a long list of other disease) free as part of the system.

    Regardless of this, they're still under full quarantine conditions, and all staff receive rabies vaccinations as a matter of course - so why the fcuk was this silly bint in a position whereby there was any risk? she should have had her jabs up to date!
  10. Sadly the doggy died :cry:

    Hopefully the fcukwit of a social worker will as well :twisted: I mean how could she be so irresponsible as to infect a puppy with Rabies :evil:
  11. Cost of bringing the dogs from overseas to the UK
    putting them down locally or letting the locals eat them?
    I know the easiest answer :D
  12. ........... and the most humane!! It's a long way from Sri Lanka in a crate. (I don't think dogs are eaten in Sri Lanka?)
  13. Free holidays in Sri Lanka, all at the public's expense?
  14. The answer is not to import 5 in 1000 pups born. Need is to castrate/spay adult dogs. I suspect the ones they get are from semi-feral dogs. Sri Lanka must be aware of rabies threat and any reasonable government would support a dog cull policy.
    We have enough pups from the Irish and Welsh puppy farms that need rescue.
  15. Ref. the above location, Islington?