Hey all,

A mate of mine gave me a couple of rabbits he shot yesterday. My in-laws are coming over from Canada in a couple of days and they love rabbit. Apart from a traditional rabbit casserole can anybody out there suggest some really good rabbit reciepes. Thanks in advance.
Dunno. Hate rabbit. Tastes minging.

That is all.
Didn't we do this last week? try the search
A few years ago I used to cook Saturday dinner for my missus and I. One week a forked out a fortune for two bunnies and some wild mushrooms for a recipe which also involved chocolate.

My missus likes bunny, so I thought I was on to a winner. I made fresh stock and generally worked my fecking socks off for about 3 hours on these bunnies.

She took one mouthful and said she didn't like it.
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