Raaaanger School

Discussion in 'US' started by Chief_Joseph, May 11, 2009.

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  1. If you say so.......
  2. Well, after dealing with Rangers (and wannabe rangers) in the past, it really translates their gung-ho, way over-the-top attitude.
  3. I know a Ranger, he used to mow lawns for the town parks and gardens and dreamt of having his own strimmer. Now he drives a Landrover in the High Peak, picking his nose and scowling at picknickers. I didn't know they had a school to teach him to be such a c@nt.
  4. I knew a Ranger called Smudge. He spent most of his day chasing 2 bears round Jellystone park IIRC.
  5. He didn't like pickernick baskets either.
  6. Thats him!! He was a right miserable cnut!
  7. They should call it "The school for right c@nts" then! We'd know where we were then. Although older toms might get it confused with Pirbright.
  8. Nothing biting, what bait usualy works for rangers?
  9. so your like the US military's park rangers :twisted:
    It has to be said completely straight faced and innocent like.
    They go into a completely over top macho display that any Brit would be pissing themselves halfway through as they wouldn't be able to keep a straight face. :D
  10. Maybe we should use pictures as bait, I don't think literacy is an issue in ranger recruitment!