Discussion in 'Gunners' started by SWINDLER, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Im looking at the Gunner AS90 and the Gunner Artillery Command Systems, is there much light role combat involved in these?
  2. :(
  3. Go on then Swindler, your obviously desperate for a reply so I'll bite.
    It's a few years since I was in, so I'm a bit out of date on specifics.
    Not sure if you are for or against a bit of 'light role combat' by which I'm guessing you mean being in direct contact with the enemy. If that is what you are looking for, and are set on the RA, then you need to be looking at a Light Gun Regiment, the OPs, or some STA trades.
    AS90 or Command Systems jobs tend to do their thing from a bit further back due to the nature of the role. Having said that, the lines are a bit more blurred these days than when I was in.
    Don't forget as well that the Gunners are usually the first port of call when the head shed haven't got enough grunts to go around. (Look at the Regiment's contribution over the water during the troubles.) So you could well find yourself out on foot patrol anywhere any time.
    Hope that helps.
  4. Swindler you have 70 odd posts in 2 days and they are all fecking carp. If you want to do light role combat go rifles or other Inf. Why dont you just do one you throbber.
  5. Good point well made Jethro. Just had a look at the rest of Swindlers drivel.

    Swindler, I'd just stick to being a STAB if I were you, you'll only have to face 'light role combat' for a couple of hours on a Tuesday night.

    End of Mission
    Detachments rear.
  6. Crap to you, beneficial to me so i couldn't care less.
  7. AS90 Regts are getting ample slices of the light role action in the 'Stan at the moment. It takes a bit of extra pain during pre deployment training to convert the bunnies, but for the OPs it just means tabbing rather than cutting about the place in Warrior.

    ACS is a bit of a pinch point trade, so most Regiments would snap your hand off.
  8. Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to gather as much information about all roles available to me, before making an informed decision. Hope you can help.

    Couple of the Roles in the RA that take my interest are in Light Gun or the AS90 roles.
    (Any other job roles that are similar please suggest.)

    Any advice on which regiment to look at? (I'm from Berkshire)

    The ones I've been looking into are 1st, 12th, and 14th

    And if you can, please talk about any experiences or the role itself?

    Appreciate your time and Reply.

  9. OK first off mate none of them are Light Role (as such)

    1st RHA is AS90
    12th Regt is HVM/MUAV
    14th Regt is a training Regiment (although not a bad Regt at all I would advise to choose a different Regt for Ex and OP tours)

    What you need to do is find a role that interests you (like you have mentioned guns take your fancy) and then look at the Regts available

    Out of interest why did you pick those Regts ?
  10. Hey, Thanks so much for your reply. I really Appreciate it.

    Those Regiment i looked at because of the Location, its near where i live. But to be honest the main one that took my fancy was the one you mentioned about 14th. Because of the Ex and Op tours. Fancy something with the adventure training too, they seem to take a kean interest in sports as well.

    The fact its based in Germany I think... sounds cool.

    Hope that makes sense. And again thanks so much for your time.
  11. I think you misunderstood Wellyhead there, 14 Regt is basically just where you do phase 2 training, and are based at Larkhill Royal School of Artillery- It isn't a 'proper' Regiment.

    I think you may have been reading out of date literature, or speaking to people who aren't too clued up.
    As best as I am aware, the only Regiments that are currently in Germany are 26 Regt RA and 3 RHA, both AS90 Regiments.

    No matter what Regiment you join, the sport, adventurous training, exercise and ops is something you will get regardless, AFTER you have done your time at 14 Regt RA, and moved on to your 'proper' Regiment.

    Edited to add- (
    I am not in the RA myself, but as far as I am aware the above is all accurate- I stand ready to be corrected!)
  12. Haha, Thanks :)

    yeah the links from the Mod website seems a little out of date, and its very difficult finding information scattered all over the place.

    But what you have told me helps a great deal.

    If you don't mind me asking what is your Role, job, area?

    I have so many roles to chose from (like this one that I'm interested in) I'm finding it hard to make a decision...

    Thanks again for your time.
  13. "yeah the links from the Mod website seems a little out of date, and its very difficult finding information scattered all over the place."

    I admit that some of the military websites can be somewhat disingenious by comparison to their civilian counterparts, but the links most certainly aren't that out of date!

    In the last 10 yrs 14 Regt have always been at Larkhill as a training Regiment.


    Use the above link to the MOD Website and you can't go wrong!!!!!

    As for what role people do, many of us chop and change depending upon the operational requirement. With the impending drawdown of forces in Iraq and the great opportunities the Gunners have to send Terry to meet his maker in Afghanistan at the moment, I can guarantee you'll get out there and get the rounds down at some stage. You don't have to be in a Light Gun specific Regiment for that opportunity to come your way.

    DO NOT chose a Regiment "because it's close to home;" far better to get away and have a fresh start and then pop back home once in a blue moon and see how little your civvy mates have changed/grown/travelled/experienced/earned since you left school!

    All Regts will offer some form of AT and op experience opportunities early on in your career. It's all down to whether you want to fire the guns, be on the OPs and go forward with the inf and cav and direct OS, or if you'd rather; fiddle with remote control planes, radar or phalanx AD guns.

    Also, give serious thought to where you want to be in 10, 15, 25 years from now (difficult for anyone, least of all an aspiring recruit) as some trades have far better promotion prospects thqan others, although we are constantly evolving and re roling.

    Any more assistance required, don't hesitate to PM me.