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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Apologies if this is not the correct place to ask this.

    Is the Woolwich site up for sale or has it already been sold?

    Am aware some bases will be sold off such as RAF Uxbridge but cannot remember if Woolwich was on the same list.
  2. My understanding is that the main site remains MOD property.
  3. Prescott tried to sell it off but there is a problem with all the buildings being listed
  4. The site is still used by the Army but I understand that it'll still be sold off.....I believe that the land has already been promised to developers.
  5. The developers all pulled out when it made clear that no changes whatsoever would be permitted to the front of the building or to much of its interior (the largest Georgian fronted building in the world).

    Woolwich will be home to a Guards battallion, various musicians and other odds and sods.

    The **** Prescott, inbetween shagging his secretary and eating pies, did manage to sell of the old Academy for the square root of fúckall.
  6. Not doubting you, but source please?

    And Prescott - what an awful waste of space. Saw him a few times at Motorway services, surrounded by minions and with various mistresses - pies is right.
  7. I know there are a few connected press stories on the internet (I came across them again recently when preparing BAFF media comments about the sale proceeds of Chelsea Barracks) and this was one:


    PS the same story mentions personnel also being transferred to Woolwich from the appalling Cavalry Barracks Hounslow, but there is still another Bn slated to go in there (RRF) in (ISTR) Feb 08.

    Another comment, off-topic but perhaps related, is that I understand that the hard-pressed London District works budget is having to stump up the cost of preparing the Chelsea Bks site for disposal.
  8. Being a Gunner, it was a fairly strong rumour that Woolwich was going to a Guards bunch who couldn't be accomodated elsewhere.

    16 Regt are moving or have moved to an old RAF base, HQ DRA etc has move to Larkhill. All bodes well for the RA museum in downtown Mogadishu...sorry the old Arsenal.
  9. I think you are right, d_s. I heard 16 Regt have now moved (fairly recently) and are at former RAF base at North Luffenham, Rutland.
  10. Complete insanity. Who benefits from the sale? If the cash goes back to the Treasury why should London District pick up the tab for preparation?
  11. The cash from the Chelsea Bks sale (just under 1 billion pounds) is, thanks to a public outcry, being retained by the MoD (Fat Gord wanted it all to go the Treasury). The money is now ring-fenced for accommodation.
  12. The line inf Bn that is currently in Cavalry Bks in Hounslow will move to Woolwich, not Guards.
  13. The cash for Chelsea will go on accomodation.

    I also believe that Bliar never told a lie in his life and that 'Bottler' Brown is a well adjusted, not psychologically flawed, totally un-Stalinistic, even handed, never inclined to steal pensions, easy-going, man of vision!!!!

    Why have I had to pay for his evening dress with my tax-money ?

    I'm not surprised the revolting fat twerp Prescott was involved in selling off the RA Barracks at Woolwich, and neither am I surprised that his plan didn't work!

    Ask an RAF chum about this repellent government's plan to sell RAF Vine Lane. That is a good story.

    PS Why have this bunch of unreconstructed excrement, masquerading as a government, not sold off Dorney Wood, Chequers and other high-priced pads that they 'own'?
  14. Why does the site have to be sold off, anyway? Why not redevelop (sympathetically) and then lease out? That way the asset and its value is retained long term and the revenue can be used to fund new projects (accommodation, whatever).

    The proposal to sell off and 'ring fence' the profit is flawed. Cash is a diminishing asset. By the time any cash has to be handed over to contractors the project costs will have exploded.