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Comms officer or cuff it (like we have been doing)?

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Some are good and up to date, some are really bad. The ability of a Regt to "message" the internal and external audiences is limited at the moment.

What about an established Communications Officer (the RCMO/ misappropiated Capts are too busy in today's hectic enviroment)? Oh and they need to be properly trained rather than "oh, you can switch a computer on, you sort out the Regt Website.


Some of them are pretty pants and poorly updated. A number of the bty pages are in dire need of a bit of quality control.

Poor spelling and grammar for example as seen here on my old bty's page.
I did a shed load of work in prep to update our site only to be told by the RA webmaster not to bother as a "big change" was coming

I am guessing the "big change" was the drive to make the Army website look like ARRSE (oh and to cock up the weblinks)

My site looks just like it always has, maybe we will revisit it soon
I've seen the new site, it would be better if some of the links took you to where they said they would.

Seems to have been a case of change for change sake. Yes, some of the content was pants, but at least it was there.
I saw the directive on this and it is down to individual Regiments to provide a Regimental Webmaster. When I spoke to the RA Webmaster, he said less than half the Regiments had sent the reps on the Regimental Webmaster course - so regiments were doing exactly what was mentioned - "oh LBdr Bloggs has a PC and a camera - he can be webmaster".

Regimental website then falls into disrepair, updates are lost in the weeds and never get uploaded and links never work.

It might be a case of the Regiments not placing enough importance on it - wrong given the need in the current tempo to provide families etc and potential recruits (plus the boys themselves!) with as much info as possible.

Maybe the RA webmaster should do it for each Regiment, as I believe he used to, but again, he would need the right info from the right perosn at each Regiment.
Hmm, the Royal Signals have a similar post within some establishments. The term used is "Traffic Officer" although it would seem that having an officer being used as what is essentially a file and despatch clerk maybe a waste.

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