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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by k13eod, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Good morning to the long range sniping group. Hope you can forgive a gungy old Sapper intruding your slumbers? I am after some information which may well be replied with "Google is your Friend". However, in this instance my Google seems to be far less helpful so I ask you for assistance.

    Whilst i might be a gungy old Sapper, I also find myself appointed as BSM/CAA to an ACF unit that is obviously badged RA. In my previous ACF life I was with a unit badged RE and put together a Sapper history presentation which included VC/GC winners (numbers plus a couple of examples). Easy job for me as a Sapper as I knew the best websites to use.

    I'd like to do the same here for the Gunners and I would like a complete list of RA VC's/GC's so that I can make up a suitable A3 sized picture to go on the wall complete with the replica medals. Additionally I would like some individual examples of gallantry award winners that can be related to the British Army Standards and Values (same as cadets) so that these can be framed and put up in the drill hall.

    My aim is to give the kids here a bit of pride in the badge they wear.

    Any help or direction to suitable websites where a cut and paste can be done would be appreciated. Any existing presentations you might have would also be helpful.

  2. No takers on this?
  3. We are talking about the Drop Shots right? White Lanyards right?
    VC/GC, you are aving a laff?
    More luck in Kew with the deserters records me thinks.
  4. K13eod,

    I am sure there are VC websites out there but my first port of call would be Firepower - the curator knows all the VC winners and there is a Gunners VC book. Also the RA Historical Branch (I think that's what they are called) at Larkhill should have the info. I also think there is a listing by name in the back of the Blue Book - annual RA directory, again available from Larkhill. I know that 16 Regt's WO & Sgts'Mess has the picture and story of all RA VC winners on display in their dining room with replicas. They also have a real one in the Regiment with the arrival of 49 Inkerman Bty from 40 Regt.

    Hope this helps, it'sabout all I can manage from Kabul!


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  5. Go fish elsewhere Robby, no bites here!


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  6. Cheers PP, will follow some of those leads.

    Stay safe.
  7. Have a look HERE for a start. You could also have a word with the Firepower Museum HERE.

    Not quite what you thought, eh Robbeaus.......As for the white lanyard jibe, that is so ******* boring now and really shows you have no clue! :roll:
  8. There fixed it for you FOC
  9. But it's still got the ability to undermine a drop shot.

  10. Calling any recipient of the Victoria Cross a walt!?......brilliant! Arrse has hit a new low............tosser!
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  11. Cheers Recce. I had found that link but, being idle, didn't scroll down as I thought it only referred to VC's held by the museum! I now see that later in the list it refers to all VC's ... nice one!
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  12. [QUOTEgallery/"]HERE[/URL].

    Not quite what you thought, eh Robbeaus.......As for the white lanyard jibe, that is so ******* boring now and really shows you have no clue! :roll:[/QUOTE]

    And from me Robbeaus Quo fas et gloria DUCUNT
  13. Robbeaus. Please go away. I started this thread to carry out some real research about real heroes. It's not the NAAFI, so please don't derail this.
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  14. Steady before you splutter on your rusk, we are talking drop shot VC's here, a thing of shinny want, oft sought but not by the drop shots.
  15. As you ask so nicely I will,but just bear in mind I was only trying to stop a futile waste of your time. I don't know some people are so ungrateful.