RA troops on Junior Brecon

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by jack_bastard, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. Had a lad come over to me saying he'd done Junior Brecon whilst capbadged as RA because, so he said, all RA now do Juniors before they get their second.

    Am I so out of date to not know this or is he a Juniors walt?
  2. He may have done the course, but he's probably a walt - SCBC is overloaded with Inf trying to secure places, let alone RA squeezing in.
  3. You'll probably find he was doing the SAA phase of Juniors in order to gain his 1-3 range quals.

    I had a cloud-puncher in my SAA section many moons ago, but didn't see him again when we started the Tac phase.
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    Some RA Badged soldiers do Juniors.
    However this bloke was obviously a Walt as it is not a requirement for promotion, they run there own carde in the Gunners. It is not an easy course but it is not Junior Brecon.
  5. 50 Missile Regt used to send bods on SCBC, Both phases, I had 2 Blokes on my course in 89, Along with 2 yanks, and a walt from the RAF regt. Apparently they were from the defence Troop/Battery/Gaggle whatever those arty bods call a platoon.
  6. Back in the day,my Sqn required those who passed the J/NCO cadre,to do PRBS(as it was then) at Brecon,before promotion.
  7. Probabley Special Defence Group or SDG for short. Each Battery had a Troop of SDG to protect the Lance Missile in the field and in storage. Troop is an RA platoon. Gaggle for the Royal Signals.