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Evening all,

At the risk of kicking off a fight (which really isn't my intention), I'm looking for a consensus answer on which RA trade is most mentally demanding. I realise that that isn't necessarily the same as "hardest". Please, add qualifers and explanations to your answers.

For the curious, I'm thinking about a transfer.
Bloke, thinking of heading to a territorial AD bty.
The most mentally demanding is, or at least was when I was in, was Surveyor RA, I have no idea if there is a TA version, I doubt it would be the same and the old basic survey course was something like 20 weeks +, God knows if its the same with the arrival of ETS and (fairly decent) GPS,

The STA jobs are a mixed bag, I'm a Sound Banger of old and did one of the early HALO courses (now known as ASP) and both of those had their own challenges, I can still quote to you the word by word definitions of a Hyperbola and an Asymptote. However I found UAV less demanding, but again that was at an early stage of the course development.

If you want to join a cloudpunching unit I think the ACS (signals/command post) side of thing might be what you are looking for, personally I haven't found anything too demanding. Not sure where you are and what your local unit is but you probably find that you may be pushed through the missle op part first anyway then move across.

edited to add: Just read another of your posts and I'm guessing that your local Gunner unit is 210 Bty in Wolverhampton, PM ben0239 he can give you a good heads up on them.
CP Ack - it's like juggling snakes, whilst conducting a conference call down a smartie tube, with a man standing behind you, battering you on the head and shoulders shouting "Hurry up!"
Cuddles said:
CP Ack !"

Read: ACS (Artillery Command Systems) in Crewman 2000 speak.

I would say ACS personally not just on a radio or cp work front, but as it moves you into other fields such as targeting and with the new BOWMAN system coming in IT and IS posts.


I would have to say that being an OP must know be the most demanding trade, there is a lot more to think about these days, an OP must be able to Control our guns and at the same time coordinate with air whilst bringing in CCA and firing the pea shooters (Mortars). all the time communicating with the rest of the world with that shit system called Bowman.

If you want to be a chosen man, you need to be flexible and multi task ( there is so much to think about)
An Asymptote is a straight line eminating from the mid-point, to which a curve (Hyperbola) constantly approaches, but never actually meets and can be considered a tangent to the Hyperbola at infinity.

Worth four points on the Basic Gun Sound Ranging Final Exam, that answer was. And fifteen years down the line, I can still remember it.

And for three points:

A Hyperbola is a curve fixed from moving points, whose difference in distance from two fixed points, remains a constant...

(Just for you, Wellyhead) :thumright:

I'd go with Wellyhead. The old Surveyor RA course material could blow you away, from Basic to DC Level. Some of the mathmatics involved when manually calculating star-shots from an Almanac, could blow you away.

even the basic course had a pass rate of only about 40%....


Thanks wellyhead..
Ive been trained on a HVM (lml) and rapier fsc, i personally found rapier a lot more mentally demanding, but it is a good bit of a kit

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