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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by .co.uk, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. OK I've got the flack jacket on for the wahs........

    But can anybody help in telling me what the RA specialisations are for officers?

    I've been on the army website but there not that good at explaining it all to be honest. So if anybody could help I would be very grateful!

  2. do you mean like OP, recce, command post etc?
  3. Yes I did please :D
  4. very broadly speaking

    FOO - forward observation officer, in charge of his own wee cell of soldiers, himself, an assistant (aka 'ack') and a couple of signallers, brew-bitches. His/Her job to get eyes on the enemy and direct the artillery fire (which is over the hills and far away) onto the enemy. this is very much an infanteers job as it requires tactical movement and lots of bog-hopping. also known as OP - observation post. However, a FOO (typically a captain) can be attached to an infantry platoon/company to call in artillery fire to aid their mission. Used extensively in current operations, and if you're a keen eye you often see a chap cutting about with the obvious arty TRF on Ross Kemp's tv series.

    BRO - battery recce officer, this is a job i know very little about other than he/she goes out to look for areas that guns can be situated, for example NOT in a bog or guns facing cliff edge (extreme examples)

    CPO - command post officer, communicates with the guns and the FOO. it is the CP's job to calculate where the guns should be pointing and the nature of ammunition required based on the data (grid reference, target description etc) sent by the FOO.

    of course these positions apply to gun regiments, and not quite applicable to air defence or UAV (of which i know feck all aboot)
  5. You will go to Larkhill from Sandhurst to do the YOs (Young Officers) course. there you choose a discipline (Close Support - Guns, Air Defence or GS - General Support - MLRS or STA - UAV, Radar and Sound Ranging).

    In Close support, your career progression would run CPO, BRO then FOO (or now FST Commander).

    In Air Defence the new subbie tends to do more of a BRO role I believe, moving to a more elevated job later (planning deconfliction and battlespace management).

    In MLRS I believe it is the same - BRO type thing first.

    In STA (Surveillance Target Aqcuisition) again similar.

    You should be aware that allegedly ALL gunner Officers want to become a FOO (and they do - with only a few exceptions in my experience) and that post FOO you become an Adjt or equivalent promotion earning job.

    Also, regardless of discipline, you will be a Troop Commander as well as doing your technical job - responsible for 30-40 Soldiers and NCOs (less as a FOO Tp Commander, but that comes later).

    This is only the basic skeleton and I must admit, I don't know enough about the other disciplines to give the full picture - I went Close Support (THE GUNS!!!) and loved it. There are many other variations along the way - training regiments, 4/73, missing some appointments and doing others early, SO3 jobs, etc.

    Any help?
  7. Fcuk off.
  8. Come on Fluffer...where's ya sense of humour?
  9. Cheers mate has really helped thanks for the reply. :D
  10. Thanks mate :D
  11. OK going to show my age now :oops:
    Is this what we used to call a GPO? If so, when did it change?
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I thought RA specialistions were:

    1. Guy who carries shell to gun.
    2. Guy who puts shell into gun.
    3. Guy who points gun in right direction.
    4. Guy who pulls lever (or shouts bang when on exercise).

  13. You forgot:

    5. Guy who constantly brews up (Brew Bitch) :wink:
  14. or girl :wink:
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    No, that is a specialisation on its own with particular uses in addition to the above.