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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Big_Bertha, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Sorry in advance if it's been done before, but I couldn't see anything relevant :D
    I've had a looksy on the army jobs website and this little beaut took my fancy. I was just wondering, whats the job actually like is it varied (fly uavs, calling in air strikes and all sorts, reconnaissance and spying) or was I just glamming it up in my head?
    What are the phsical requirements? I'm a girl, would I be able to hack it?
    And whats the 16 week special observer course like? Ive heard through the grapevine that it was compared to the paras training?! :? Maybe he was winding me up
  2. Many many threads about this. Look for anything relating to 4/73 Bty RA.
    There's only one way to find out how hard the course is, and I'm not sure if any females have ever passed it, but that shouldn't necessarily put you off.
    As for the role, give them a call and discuss it.
    I take it you aren't in yet?
  3. I have been greatly considering this role. Im sort of torn between going paras or observer.

    Maybe i should forget my unhealthy bloodlust and urge to give johnny foreigner a good kicking and join RA like i had originally planned.... hmmmm
  4. During phase 1 & 2 is it up to me to get myself super fit or do I get extra PT and help?
    Is it best to go for the second best job, get some experience and volunteer when I'm ready or do I go in bright eyed and raring to go?
  5. I believe during phase 2 there is extra phys laid on for those going to 7, 29, or 4/73 but that doesn't mean you won't have to work your bo**ocks off. If you had any.......anyway, you know what I mean.
    Depending where in Worcestershire you live, get your arrse up on the Malverns and start running.

    Oh and grapes, give it a rest. Turn up in phase 1 talking about your unhealthy bloodlust and giving Johnny foreigner a kicking and you are likely to get laughed at, by people who have done it.
  6. Maybe i should forget my unhealthy bloodlust and urge to give johnny foreigner a good kicking and join RA like i had originally planned.... hmmmm[/quote]

    There's no shortage of opportunities to give "Johnny Foreigner" a taste of the old parade gloss in the Gunners! In fact, I can only think of 1 field regiment that hasn't been to Affghanistan yet.

    And when we brass folk up everyone knows about it! :twisted:
  7. If I keep special observer as my second choice, get offered the first, can I ask to be given my second?
    All thats holding me back is lack of info and my fitness so I'm still not sure.
  8. You need to be properly fit to do it, and I wouldn't bother trying unless you are. You will be in for one hell of a ragging from day one!

    Get into the Gunners, if that is what you want to do, then you can always move to 4/73 when you are fit and have a bit more experience. That's the joy of a Corps and especially Artillery, you can always move about.

    Good luck with whatever you do, and always remember:

    God loves a Gunner!

  9. Grrrrrrrrr CORPS !!! Well really


    I'm going to be blunt as no-one here will be, if you are a woman, yes you can join the Bty, can you go on the course, possibly, not sure I'm a little out of date at Catterick, but the big question is can you work in the Patrols. The answer to that is a no, due to the nature of the job there are physical restrictions that will stop you, and I am NOT talking fitness nor strength. The Patrol members work together in very tight and intimate surroundings, to put it in context, you will know your fellow soldiers inside and out (literally)I am not being a misogynist here, but believe me a women wouldn't want to work in such a way, unless there was either a patrol of women, or you are a very strange individual.

    I spoke to a member of the Bty not that long ago and was talking about their big patrol that made the likes of Solder magazine. In a 6 Month tour they spent something like 18 days in camp, ask yourself this, could your body cope with being in the field for that extended period of time.
  10. I do apologise WH, the mongness of being at work and a hangover was affecting me. :oops:

    I'll just take myself out back for a talking to!
  11. I could stand being out and about all the time. Sure it would be a different story once I've got greasy hair but I'm willing to shave it off. I'm more than willing to test myself.
  12. To be even more blunt, are you prepared to crap and p*ss into a freezer bag / p*ss bottle with the very close help of your male oppos, mostly on your back in a semi-laying down position with some mess gauranteed and could you keep it together during your time of the month and all the 'issues' that entails? (Any moods or strops in my patrol and I chin them, I would hurt you). That's all for starters. There's also the issue of protection from your male colleagues, blokes don't like to see a female struggling physically or in any way and believe it or not in these PC times, females are still physically weaker than males, it's human nature. This will ultimately be detrimental to the effectiveness of the patrol when for example, they have to split your kit up between them because you're struggling with the weight. It all seems possible behind a keyboard and it's good to have ambition, but the real deal in all weathers, terrain and varying degrees of tiredness (the norm is very) carrying half a planet on your back and quite possibly several full jerry cans amongst other things between you aswell, it's really not for 90% of blokes let alone females.
  13. Been waiting for someone to say that.... stanndby for the wrath of the sisterhood.
  14. Hmm, I'm ont pill so no monthlies. But now you've put it like that I'm quite gutted. Watch this space.