RA/RHA Officers Service Dress, plus a whole host of goodies

Having left the Army a few weeks ago, I now have for sale a collection of uniform and bits and pieces. List is as follows:

Service Dress in perfect condition. Approx 6'1", 42" chest, 34 waist, 34 leg.

Mess kit jacket and waistcoat (not trousers or boots), same measurements.

No1 Dress hat. Size 60cm
Offers (over £100 new)

1 x Beret badge RA brand new
£5 (£8 new)

1 x RA Officer cross belt – brown leather with bronze RA badge
To fit approx 42” chest although there is generous adjustment
Burnt down and highly polished

1 x Stable Belt RA XL/L brand new
£15 (£23 new) SOLD

Shoulder titles RA large brass

Grenades Service Dress x 2

Rank slides Capt Desert
2 x new, slightly different designs

Rank slides Capt DPM
2 x new

Rank slides RA Capt OG
1 x new, 1 x worn

Rank slides RA Maj OG
2 x new

Rank slide RA Lt OG
1 x new

1 x Stable Belt RHA L used but good cond
£10 (£23 new) *SOLD*

Beret Badge RHA brand new
£5 (£8 new) *SOLD*

Shoulder titles RHA silver colour

Shoulder titles RHA staybrite

Buttons RHA Mess Kit. A couple may be missing but it should be easy enough to buy them individually from a tailor. They are £4 EACH new!

Buttons Mess Kit flat x 2

Buttons RHA Service Dress x 7 (1 is missing)

Rank slide RHA Lt Desert
1 x worn

Rank slide RHA Lt OG
1 x new

Rank slides RHA Capt OG
2 x worn

Rank slides RHA Capt DPM
3 x worn

Please post on here or PM me if you are interested.

I'd certainly be interested in the Mess Dress buttons of they're the mounted type?
Harry Paget Flashman said:
I'd certainly be interested in the Mess Dress buttons of they're the mounted type?
If you PM me I will happily email some pics to you.
No problem. PM me your address details and I'll reply with my paypal account, or you can transfer the money.
Is the service dress still available?

If so, did the tailor leave enough seam for an inch expansion on the waist and a couple on the chest?
It is. It was made by Goldings so your best bet is to telephone them (+44 (0)1727 841321 ) and ask them how much spare material they build in. I would say it's your own, otherwise he will give you the hard sell and tell you a 2nd hand one is no good. ;)

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